News Releases | 2014

Conservative MEPs reject "passenger rights" proposals which exclude Gibraltar

05-Feb-2014 @ 14:0

Conservative MEPs today voted to reject a discriminatory report which sets out planned legislation on consumer rights for air passengers – but excludes all flights in and out of Gibraltar Airport.

Syed Kamall's letter to Gerard Batten

05-Feb-2014 @ 14:0

Syed Kamall, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs, today sent the following letter to Gerard Batten of UKIP

Trade Defence Modernisation: One step forward, two steps back

05-Feb-2014 @ 13:0

The European Parliament today cast a partial vote on the most controversial part of trade policy: Trade Defence Instruments (TDI). Three-way negotiations between the Parliament, EU Council and Commission will now take place in an attempt to reach a final deal before the end of the current legislature.

New EU law for digital music hits the right note

04-Feb-2014 @ 17:0

Music lovers across Europe received a welcome boost today thanks to new legislation that will make it easier for online music providers to offer their services across the whole EU, rather than in just one or a few countries.

Conservative MEPs propose red-card system to block bad EU laws

04-Feb-2014 @ 13:0

Conservative MEPs today put forward plans for a red-card system to let national parliaments block burdensome and interfering European legislation.

Kamall slams "divide and rule" plan to split euro and non-euro MEPs

04-Feb-2014 @ 9:0

The leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs today condemned attempts to hive off certain key policy decisions to a separate "euro-only"' committee.

Conservatives demand action on mutilation of girls

03-Feb-2014 @ 9:0

Following pressure from campaigning MEP Marina Yannakoudakis, a hard-hitting resolution will be put to the European Parliament this week demanding action to end the horror of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Ford urges businesses and scientists to bid for money from Brussels

31-Jan-2014 @ 13:0

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford was once again standing up for British science and research when she delivered a speech at the Royal Society in London today.

Kamall: Commission bank proposals are too little, too late

28-Jan-2014 @ 15:0

Proposed structural reform of the banking sector across the EU will be too little too late to tackle fundamental problems that plunged the world economy into crisis.

Conservative MEPs back Gibraltar's Brussels protest

28-Jan-2014 @ 11:0

Conservative MEPs today gave their full support to protestors who travelled to Brussels to demonstrate against Spanish harassment of Gibraltar citizens.

Kamall: Court ruling hinders flexibility

22-Jan-2014 @ 12:0

Syed Kamall, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs and spokesman of economic and monetary said he regretted today's ruling by the European Court of Justice over the regulation of so-called short selling."

Reforming EU audit services to restore investors' confidence

21-Jan-2014 @ 11:0

A draft agreement between the European Parliament and EU Council on legislation to open up the EU audit services market beyond the dominant "Big Four" firms and remedy auditing weaknesses revealed by the financial crisis was endorsed by the Legal Affairs Committee today (Tuesday). The draft also aims to improve audit quality and transparency and prevent conflicts of interest.

Callanan: Greece is evidence that abstract visions should give way to realism

15-Jan-2014 @ 16:0

Speaking during a debate with Greek Prime Minister Samaras today, European Conservatives and Reformists Group leader Martin Callanan MEP said that the experience of Greece should teach the EU a lesson that abstract visions not rooted in reality are harming the European Union, and should be replaced by a more practical EU.

McClarkin: The EU will not open procurement markets around the world by closing off Europe’s

15-Jan-2014 @ 14:0

European Commission plans to close off Europe's public procurement markets to outside countries represents a protectionist move that will undermine all EU growth-related efforts to open markets around the globe, Emma McClarkin MEP, has warned today.

EU procurement reforms are major boost for taxpayers, small businesses and the European economy

15-Jan-2014 @ 15:0

The enormous spending power of public authorities will be deployed to support innovation, small businesses, economic growth and taxpayer value, thanks to reforms voted through the European Parliament today.

Conservatives: Marathon regulation talks seal leading role of London and UK

15-Jan-2014 @ 14:0

A new package of measures to regulate the market in financial products - agreed in Strasbourg last night after months of negotiation - will improve transparency and ensure the UK stays at the forefront of the global trade.

Conservative legal challenge over Strasbourg ruling

15-Jan-2014 @ 14:0

Conservative MEPs today mounted a protest after their bid to cut just a small part of the waste of the European Parliament's so-called traveling circus was ruled out of order.

Conservatives beat GM fanatics' attack on honey

14-Jan-2014 @ 14:0

Conservative MEPs today defeated a bid by eco-zealots to get pollen officially designated an ingredient of honey.

Conservatives resist Brussels power grab on social housing

14-Jan-2014 @ 17:0

Conservatives will this week oppose head-on a plan for the European Union to give itself powers to control the way Britain and other countries deal with homelessness.

Snowden invited to appear before European Parliament - but only in a live, interactive session

09-Jan-2014 @ 9:0

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties committee has agreed that NSA fugitive Edward Snowden can give evidence to an inquiry into the allegations he has made - but only if he appears in a live and interactive session.