News Releases | 2013

Labour MEPs push through dangerous policy on unions

13-Sep-2013 @ 12:0

Plans to set up a raft of Europe-wide regulation for pay talks between employers and trade unions were condemned today by Conservative MEPs.

Welcome backing for Britain's rejection of EU finance regulation

12-Sep-2013 @ 12:0

Conservative MEPs today welcomed legal opinion handed to the European Court of Justice which deems that a key clause in a piece of EU finance regulation is illegal and should be annulled.

European Parliament hears welcome for new British car jobs

11-Sep-2013 @ 16:0

The announcement of hundreds of new jobs at Jaguar Land Rover was welcomed by West Midlands MEP Anthea McIntyre during a speech in Strasbourg.

Military intervention may still prove the last resort over Syria

11-Sep-2013 @ 16:0

President Obama is right to hold back on military action in exchange for the neutralisation of the Assad chemical arsenal, MEPs heard today.

Don't just change Europe's leaders, change its whole direction

11-Sep-2013 @ 16:0

Europe does not need a new leadership, it needs a completely new direction, MEPs heard today.

Welsh Conservative MEP hails "wake-up call" in the battle to save Europe's endangered languages

11-Sep-2013 @ 13:0

Welsh Conservative MEP Kay Swinburne today hailed a vote in the European Parliament as a "wake-up call" in the battle to save Europe's endangered languages.

Conservatives counter EU mission creep on pay law

11-Sep-2013 @ 9:0

The European Union is guilty of meddling and "mission creep" in its determination to impose ever more social legislation and employment laws on member states, Conservative MEPs said today.

Even the EU's lawyers now say its FTT is illegal

10-Sep-2013 @ 18:0

A leading Conservative MEP today called on the European Union to drop plans for a Financial Transactions Tax after it emerged that the bloc's own lawyers have determined it to be unlawful.

European Parliament approves plans for online gambling shake-up

10-Sep-2013 @ 13:0

Proposals for a major revamp of European regulation covering online gambling were approved by MEPs today.

New market-manipulation rules help - but are useless without determined application

10-Sep-2013 @ 12:0

Conservative MEPs today cautiously welcomed a vote by the European Parliament supporting a proposed package of reforms to tackle insider-dealing and abuse of the markets.

Kirkhope: Migrant search mission is how Frontex should be used

08-Sep-2013 @ 17:0

A senior MEP today said a European Commission proposal for a Mediterranean-wide search and rescue mission to intercept migrant boats, was an "encouraging" development.

Shadow banking - Commission is chasing the wrong quarry

04-Sep-2013 @ 14:0

As the European Commission today announced plans to tackle the perceived problem of so-called shadow banking, Conservative MEP Syed Kamall said officials were concentrating their efforts in entirely the wrong area.

Appeal for calm reflection as US spy-row inquiry starts in Brussels

04-Sep-2013 @ 9:0

MEPs are being urged to show some calm, restraint and a sense of proportion when they begin tomorrow (Thursday) looking into spying allegations against the United States.

TUC harm the very workers they should protect

02-Sep-2013 @ 18:0

Britain's trade unions were today warned they would harm workers and cost jobs if their complaint to the European Commission about employment law ever proved successful.

We'll fight "Big Brother" car controls

02-Sep-2013 @ 17:0

Conservative MEPs today pledged to fight any attempt by the EU to require that cars and vans be fitted with hi-tech devices to stop them ever breaking the speed limit. Conservative Transport Spokesman Jacqueline Foster labelled the suggestion costly, counter-productive and an insult to personal freedom. She spoke out after press reports today raised the prospect that proposed road safety measures, due to be announced by the EU Commission this autumn, would include the use of "Intelligent Speed Adaption" which can measure and limit vehicle speeds using satellite technology. Mrs Foster, MEP for the North-West, said: "This is asking car owners to pay the bill for letting bureaucrats mess with their motors. It will also be downright dangerous to deny motorists ultimate control of their vehicles. "So not only would it be costly, it would also be counter-productive so far as road safety is concerned. Motoring organisations all agree that it is far better to leave car and van-drivers in complete control so they can respond to circumstances on the road. "It is also an insult to personal freedom to say that bureaucrats in Brussels are effectively going to have their foot on your brake pedal. Even Big Brother didn't try remote control of people's cars. "I don't know whether this is an imminent threat or a gleam in some Commission official's eyes, but if or when it appears before the Transport Committee I can assure you Conservatives will be down on it like a ton of bricks. Britain has the best road safety record in Europe and we won't have it compromised by nonsense like this."

EU must drop obsession with renewables targets

02-Sep-2013 @ 17:0

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford has called on the EU to end its slavish and counter-productive obsession with energy targets for renewables. In her position as rapporteur on industry and energy in the European Parliament, Vicky Ford said the target has harmed investment in alternative technologies. The East of England MEP explained: "The targets may sound good, but in fact they focus effort and investment onto one area. Instead we should be encouraging a broad scope of potential measures to combat atmospheric carbon dioxide." She has drafted her group's response to an EU report on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and is dismayed that this burgeoning technology is being stifled partly because of market-distortions created by the EU strict renewables targets. Her report identifies CCS as the only large-scale and demonstrable technology currently available to take carbon dioxide produced when burning fossil fuels and thus can produce low-carbon electricity. Failing to include CCS within a long-term energy strategy will severely hamper national, EU and global efforts to address climate change, she believes. Mrs Ford said: "If we are serious about wanting reliable, affordable and secure energy sources as well as being able to control and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere then we need to make sure all technologies can be used. "During my research for this report, many people have pointed to the EU renewable target and said how this policy has undermined investment in alternatives such as carbon capture and storage. "Therefore I believe we should look at a technology neutral approach when setting energy goals."

Harbour welcomes Amazon price-rule concession

31-Aug-2013 @ 15:0

Harbour welcomes Amazon price-rule concession A senior Conservative MEP today hailed a major shift by internet giant Amazon over its web market pricing policy as a good news for consumers. It will also help small businesses which are making offers through the Amazon website. Malcolm Harbour said by dropping its controversial "price parity" policy, Amazon was acting in the best interests of fairness in a free market. As chairman of the European Parliament's Single Market and Consumer Protection Committee, he had already expressed his concerns to the company about the practice. This banned vendors using its online market from undercutting Amazon's price for the same goods. As well as pressure from Brussels, Amazon was also facing an investigation by the UK Office of Fair Trading over the measure, which was potentially infringing EU competition law. Mr Harbour, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, said: "It is encouraging that Amazon has been persuaded to think again about this restrictive policy. "Surveys show that Amazon has a very good satisfaction rating with customers, but this approach did not help small traders or the consumer. "Amazon is a big and powerful company, but it does not want to act as a law unto itself."

Gib MEPs condemn illegal Spanish trade-ban

28-Aug-2013 @ 17:0

The three Conservative MEPs representing Gibraltar today reacted angrily to news that Spain has banned exports of building materials to The Rock as part of the escalating border row there.

Girling slams EU response to internet safety concerns

23-Aug-2013 @ 15:0

South West and Gibraltar MEP Julie Girling has heavily criticised the response of the European Commission following a Parliamentary Question she tabled in July regarding the controversial website

Gibraltar MEP hit by Spanish trolling torrent

15-Aug-2013 @ 9:0

A British MEP has been bombarded with vicious abuse by Spanish internet trolls after standing up for Gibraltar over Spain's bullying