News Releases | 2015

Boost in the fight against terrorism as EU passenger records agreement backed by MEPs

15-Jul-2015 @ 17:0

A critical EU counter-terror system is a step closer to reality after a committee of MEPs today gave MEP Timothy Kirkhope’s proposals their backing.

Girling: Unreasonable targets could derail agreement on clean air rules and penalise farmers

15-Jul-2015 @ 15:0

ECR MEP Julie Girling, leading on air quality for the European Parliament, has criticised moves by left wing and liberal MEPs to undermine efforts to reach an achievable deal on new air emissions rules by voting through unrealistic targets. The European Parliament's Environment and Public Health Committee voted today on Mrs Girling's report on the so-called National Emissions Ceiling Directive (NECD).

Foster: Rules on civil use of drones need to be light-touch and safety-focused

14-Jul-2015 @ 14:30

Conservative Transport Spokesman Jacqueline Foster has today presented her draft report on the safe use of remotely piloted aircraft systems – or drones – for non-military use.

Fox on Greece: Nobody wins if we have a dishonest fudge

13-Jul-2015 @ 13:45

Ashley Fox, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs, called for caution following today's announcement of a "deal" in Brussels on Greece.

Conservative MEPs condemn Labour support for EU power grab

08-Jul-2015 @ 12:15

Conservative MEPs will today oppose a report calling for more tax harmonisation at an EU level and for Britain to be subjected to a regular report on its tax affairs for the consideration of Eurocrats.

Fox to Tsipras: Go for an orderly exit - not the martyrdom of expulsion

08-Jul-2015 @ 11:45

The Greek prime minister should concentrate on taking his country out of the euro in an orderly way – not engineering an expulsion to play the martyr.  

Conservatives put correct focus on panorama photographs

07-Jul-2015 @ 18:45

Conservative MEPs will this week vote to delete controversial clauses from proposed legislation which threatened to ban people from photographing and sharing pictures of landmark buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or Houses of Parliament. Fears were voiced over a controversial clause in a report on copyright which said commercial use of photographs or video of "works...permanently located in...public spaces" should always be subject to prior authorisation.

Girling: Withdrawal of burdensome maternity leave proposals a welcome move

01-Jul-2015 @ 18:15

Conservative MEPs have welcomed today's confirmation by the European Commission that the proposed maternity leave directive is to be withdrawn. The directive was first put forward in 2008, but has faced deadlock for the past five years, due to a lack of agreement between the European Parliament and national governments.

Dalton: Deal on seal trade ban will protect Inuit way of life and meet WTO rules

25-Jun-2015 @ 17:0

The European Conservatives and Reformists have backed a deal on the future of the EU's ban on the trade of seal products.

EU survey discovers most people go on holiday in summer

25-Jun-2015 @ 14:45

The EU appears to have spent taxpayers' money on a detailed study whose chief finding is that most people take their holidays in the summer months.

​Five Key areas to transform the Digital Single Market in the European Union

24-Jun-2015 @ 1:0

The Digital Single Market is an important step in the modernisation of the European economy.

Kirkhope tells Hollande: get a grip on Calais and ask the EU for help

23-Jun-2015 @ 17:0

The French government's failure in its duty to tackle the ongoing migrant crisis in Calais is now causing British travellers to have their passage across the EU hindered, leaving the European Commission with no choice but to intervene: that's that response of Conservative Home Affairs spokesman in Europe, Timothy Kirkhope MEP, to the increasing problem of migrants seeking to cross into the UK.

Commission tax plans threaten national sovereignty, say Conservative MEPs

17-Jun-2015 @ 16:30

Conservative MEPs have criticised an attempt by the European Commission to re-launch plans for a so-called Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB). 

Lewer: Urgent answers needed over Euronews subsidies

12-Jun-2015 @ 11:0

Andrew Lewer, the Conservative Party's Culture Spokesman in the European Parliament, has demanded that the European Commission come clean about the value of the subsidies given to the Euronews television channel.

Fox: We must wean ourselves off Russian gas

09-Jun-2015 @ 18:45

Europe's drive for energy security must include shale gas and nuclear power, MEPs were warned today.

Equality, yes – EU social engineering, no

09-Jun-2015 @ 14:15

"Nobody disagrees with equality, but this is patronising to women and pushes Europe's powers into areas where they should not be allowed."

Fox: Judges ruling on energy-saving defies common sense

04-Jun-2015 @ 12:15

Conservative MEPs have criticised a ruling by the European Court of Justice today banning Britain from cutting VAT on energy-saving materials.

Tories get backing for their roadmap to growth

03-Jun-2015 @ 16:15

MEPs in Brussels have backed a raft of Conservative guidelines for cutting red tape and minimising burdensome regulation. As a package, the proposals approved by the European Parliament's Employment Committee for shaping the EU's planned "Refit" programme amount to a road map for cutting back bureaucracy, boosting growth and helping small businesses create jobs.

Conservative EU budget message is winning through

27-May-2015 @ 14:15

Pressure from David Cameron and Conservative MEPs is helping to achieve greater budgetary discipline in the EU. That was the view from Richard Ashworth MEP today as he responded to an announcement by the EU Commission of its draft budget for the bloc in 2016.

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Tory welcome for Gibraltar's new base in Brussels

27-May-2015 @ 10:45

Conservative MEPs have welcomed the opening this week of a new office in Brussels to promote the interests of Gibraltar. Ashley Fox and Julie Girling, who represent the South West of England and Gibraltar in the European Parliament, said the office would give the British Overseas Territory a permanent base in Brussels to maintain links with key contacts in the EU institutions.