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EC told to think again on investor standards

01-Sep-2016 @ 16:30

Poor technical standards that could hurt high street investors have been rejected today by the European Parliament’s economics committee.

Duncan: Brexit is an opportunity for the fishing industry

26-Aug-2016 @ 13:45

Brexit presents a significant opportunity for the UK fishing industry, according to Conservative Fisheries spokesman Ian Duncan MEP.

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Peerage for Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope

05-Aug-2016 @ 08:30

Senior Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope has been awarded a peerage in David Cameron's resignation honours and promised to use his seat in the House of Lords to promote his home county of Yorkshire.

"This is a great honour and an unexpected one," said Mr Kirkhope. "It is recognition not just for me but all the Conservative MEPs who perform an important and often unheralded role in representing the UK's interests in Brussels.

"When I take up my seat in the Lords I will continue to champion Yorkshire as I have always done as an MP and MEP."

Mr Kirkhope has been MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber since 1999. He is Conservative spokesman for Justice and Home Affairs and a member of the European Parliament's delegation for relations with the United States.

He recently succeeded in steering his Passenger Name Record directive through the European Parliament. This will see air travel details shared between police and intelligence services across the EU, aiding the fight against terrorism and organised crime.

In 2009 he was a founder member and Deputy Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European Parliament.

Mr Kirkhope was MP for Leeds North East from 1987 to 1997, holding a number of posts including Home Office minister responsible for immigration, race and community relations and international policing.

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Kirkhope: Commission announcement reflects UK's lead security role.

02-Aug-2016 @ 12:30

Today's decision by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to name Sir Julian King as EU Commissioner for the Security Union has been welcomed by Conservative Home Affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope MEP.

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Industry needs to look for longer term solutions to dairy crisis

19-Jul-2016 @ 12:00

Dairy farmers must address structural weaknesses in their industry if it is not to lurch from one crisis to another, Conservative MEP Richard Ashworth said today.

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Girling: Directive will address a serious public health crisis

12-Jul-2016 @ 14:30

New limits which would see significant reductions in five key air pollutants cleared a significant hurdle in Brussels today.

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Conservative MEPs' leader congratulates Theresa May

11-Jul-2016 @ 17:15

The Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Ashley Fox MEP, issued the following statement after confirmation that Theresa May will be the next Leader of the Conservative Party.

Brexit negotiators warned to take care over cyber-security

06-Jul-2016 @ 15:30

A leading UK MEP has urged Brexit negotiators to seek to retain British involvement in EU cyber security networks and protect critical infrastructure from hackers.

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New air pollution limits could prevent thousands of premature deaths

01-Jul-2016 @ 14:30

Ambitious targets to reduce air pollution and cut premature deaths by around 50 per cent have been provisionally agreed by the EU.

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Conservatives give cautious welcome to EU draft budget

30-Jun-2016 @ 16:30

The EU's draft budget for 2017 has received a cautious welcome from Conservative MEP Richard Ashworth.

Published today by European Commission Vice President Kristalina Georgieva, the draft recommends a 1.7 per cent increase in commitments to €157.7 billion and a 6.2 per cent fall in payments to €134.9 billion.

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Kamall: The EU and UK now need to look to the future

28-Jun-2016 @ 13:45

Speaking in a European Parliament debate this morning on the outcome of the UK Referendum, Conservative MEP Syed Kamall, Leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists group, said:

“The British people have spoken. Whatever our personal views, we should now all respect the democratic will of the British people work together and move on.

EU Referendum Result Statement

24-Jun-2016 @ 01:00

Reacting to today's referendum result Ashley Fox, Leader of the UK Conservatives in the European Parliament, said:

"The British people have spoken. Now we must carry out their wishes.

Conservative MEP welcomes European Court ruling on benefits

14-Jun-2016 @ 01:00

The European Court of Justice has ruled today that Britain has a right to protect its public finances from benefits tourism by imposing tests on EU citizens moving there and claiming benefits.

Conservative Employment Spokesman in the European Parliament, Anthea McIntyre MEP welcomed the ruling, which rejected a challenge from the European Commission. They had questioned whether the UK's decision to introduce a “right to reside” test for a number of social security benefits such as Child benefit, Child Tax Credit and Income Support was discriminatory. However, the court today upheld the UK's argument that non-active people coming to the UK must have sufficient resources to not become a burden on the UK's social security schemes.

Conservative MEPs condemn McDonnell's support for giving away UK tax powers

07-Jun-2016 @ 01:00

Conservative MEPs have confirmed their support for European Commission proposals to tackle corporate tax avoidance and condemned Labour for backing the handover of tax powers to Brussels.

We must help Africa to stem the flow of migrants, says Conservative report.

07-Jun-2016 @ 17:45

Securing peace and stability in Africa is crucial to dealing with the flow of refugees and economic migrants into Europe, a Conservative report approved by the European Parliament today makes clear.

Conservative report says all farmers must benefit from technological advances

07-Jun-2016 @ 17:30

Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre has secured European Parliament approval for a report calling for the greater use of technology in agriculture.

Dalton: Sharing economy needs clarity to grow in Europe

02-Jun-2016 @ 16:30

New guidelines for start-ups like Uber and AirBnB published today by the European Commission generally move in the right direction towards providing start-ups and their customers with more clarity on their rights and obligations.

Kamall: London football team's Brussels mission spreads the anti-terror message

01-Jun-2016 @ 17:15

"This is a cross-Channel show of unity - a celebration of the power of sport to change young lives and confound the extremists."

Conservative MEP proposes £1.5 billion boost for North Sea oil and gas industry

31-May-2016 @ 11:45

A change to EU law is being proposed which could boost the North Sea oil and gas industry by as much as £1.5 billion over ten years.

Conservative Energy spokesman Mr Duncan MEP wants to close a loophole in the Emissions Trading System (ETS), the EU’s flagship climate change policy, which forces oil and gas operators to buy emission permits for the electricity they generate offshore.

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EU criminal records system upgrade approved by MEPs

30-May-2016 @ 17:30

An upgrade of the EU's system for exchanging criminal records is a step closer after the European Parliament's home affairs committee approved the draft plans.

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