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Vicky Ford: Brexit needs to work for consumers

10-Mar-2017 @ 14:30

Consumer organisations in the UK and the rest of the European Union should continue to help each other post-Brexit, Conservative MEP Vicky Ford said today. Mrs Ford, who chairs the European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee, has welcomed a report examining the potential impact of Brexit on consumers that has been published today by European Consumer Organisation BEUC and UK's Which?. It calls for decisions on issues such as the safety and quality standards of household goods and products to be assessed against the impact on consumers. The two organisations want existing levels of co-operation maintained to ensure there is no erosion of consumer rights. She said: "Currently consumer organisations and trading standards bodies all across Europe work with each other. They warn each other of dangerous products, faulty goods or scams and keep consumers informed. "It is important that practical and pragmatic solutions are found to make sure that this vital work can continue. We hear a lot of people saying that Brexit needs to work for business but it is even more important that it works for consumers." Mrs Ford (East of England), added: "This is an excellent piece of work. It is important that issues facing every day consumers on both sides of the Channel are put at the heart of the Brexit discussions."

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European Parliament today approved plans to tackle wildlife trafficking on eve of World Wildlife Day

02-Mar-2017 @ 12:30

On the eve of World Wildlife Day, the European Parliament has approved Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin’s proposals to use trade policy to tackle illegal wildlife trafficking.

Ashley Fox: The EU must respond to people's call for change

01-Mar-2017 @ 16:00

Responding to the European Commission's Future of Europe white paper, Ashley Fox, leader of Conservative MEPs, said today: "I am pleased to see President Juncker laying out a series of options for the future of the EU rather than once again simply pushing his tired vision of a federal Europe. It is a little late, but he is finally acknowledging there is more than one way for the EU to proceed. "Of course, Britain is leaving the EU and the remaining 27 Member States must decide their own future. However, it is in the UK's interest for the EU to be a successful, stable and well-governed partner and ally. "I sincerely hope this important debate takes note of the clear call for change coming from people across the Union who have lost confidence in the EU as currently structured."

MEPS call for a "special relationship" with the UK

01-Mar-2017 @ 12:00

The European Parliament's influential Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee is calling for "deep mutual market access" and "a special relationship" between Britain and the EU post-Brexit.

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MEPs support reform progress in Montenegro

28-Feb-2017 @ 12:00

Reforms to Montenegro’s public administration and justiciary, as well as progress made in the fight against corruption and money laundering, were welcomed today by MEPs as part of the country's path towards EU accession.

Landmark EU/Canada trade deal sets standard for UK

15-Feb-2017 @ 17:30

The landmark EU-Canada trade deal approved today by the European Parliament sets a standard the UK can follow post-Brexit, believes Conservative Joint International Trade Spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP.

Conservative MEP's key ETS reforms backed by Parliament

15-Feb-2017 @ 12:30

Ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions from European industries from 2021 have been approved today by MEPs. The proposals will overhaul the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the EU's main policy tackling climate change, and have been steered through the European Parliament by Conservative MEP Ian Duncan.

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Ashley Fox rejects Verhofstadt's call for "more Europe"

14-Feb-2017 @ 11:30

Speaking in a European Parliament debate today on the future of the EU, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox said the EU had lost touch with its citizens.

MEPs back plan to stop another car emissions scandal

09-Feb-2017 @ 12:15

New measures designed to ensure vehicles continue to meet emissions and safety standards once out of the showroom have been supported by MEPs today.

Kamall: Trump's ban will not make US great again

01-Feb-2017 @ 18:00

The European Parliament today debated the recent travel restrictions imposed by the Trump Administration. Conservative MEP Syed Kamall, leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists group, said the arbitrary restrictions risk playing into the arms of extremists like Daesh. However he cautioned that hot heads of protest risk not only the new Administration ignoring its allies, but also risk exacerbating those people within Europe who have concerns about the ability of mainstream politicians to respond to their legitimate concerns.

Horse welfare report clears Euro Parliament hurdle

25-Jan-2017 @ 16:15

A report recommending a wide range of measures to improve the welfare of horses and donkeys across Europe has been backed by MEPs.

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Internal Market Committee re-elects Vicky Ford

25-Jan-2017 @ 11:00

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford has today been re-elected chairman of the European Parliament's influential Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee (IMCO).

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Industrial Strategy lets us take back control of local development

25-Jan-2017 @ 10:00

The UK Government's new Industrial Strategy is an opportunity to make better use of some of the billions of pounds currently paid into EU structural funds, says Conservative MEP Andrew Lewer. Responding to the green paper launch, Regional Development and Education spokesman Mr Lewer said the Strategy would enable greater control to be taken of how local economies were regenerated post-Brexit.

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Backing for plan to tackle wildlife trafficking

24-Jan-2017 @ 14:15

Proposals by Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin on how trade policy to be used to tackle wildlife trafficking cleared an important hurdle today.

McClarkin: CETA deal a landmark for free trade

24-Jan-2017 @ 13:45

Conservative International Trade spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP has welcomed a vote which moves the landmark EU-Canada trade deal a step closer to implementation. Ms McClarkin said today's approval by the European Parliament's International Trade Committee would help restore the EU's reputation as a reliable trading partner after the deal, known as CETA, was held up by socialist politicians in the Belgian region of Wallonia. "This is one of the highest quality agreements ever negotiated and clearly highlights the benefits of free trade, " she said.

"PM has ensured everyone now knows where we stand" – Ashley Fox

17-Jan-2017 @ 17:00

Ashley Fox, leader of Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament, welcomed Theresa May's speech.

EU cloud computing initiative should learn from UK

12-Jan-2017 @ 18:30

Ambitious plans to make the EU a global leader in cloud computing are being jeopardised by a failure to take a market-led approach. Conservative Industry spokesman Ashley Fox said a non-legislative report agreed today by the European Parliament's Industry, Research and Energy Committee failed to send a clear message to the European Commission that its top-down policy was not the best way to drive innovation.

Commission's data package does not go far enough.

10-Jan-2017 @ 18:00

New European Commission proposals designed to free up the EU's data economy do not go far enough, according to Conservative MEP Vicky Ford.

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Coming up this year: protecting the environment and wildlife, making Europe safer and triggering Article 50

10-Jan-2017 @ 14:00

Conservative MEPs have returned to the European Parliament this week to a busy agenda. The many issues they will be working on in the coming months include:

Drax biomass go-ahead welcomed by Conservative MEP

19-Dec-2016 @ 15:30

Today's decision by the European Commission to approve support for the conversion of a unit at Drax Power Station in Yorkshire from coal to biomass has been welcomed by the local Conservative MEP.