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Conservative MEP secures backing for climate change report

15-Dec-2016 @ 13:15

Conservative Energy spokesman Ian Duncan's ambitious revisions to the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have cleared a significant hurdle.

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Bashir: Violence and discrimination against the Rohingyas must end

15-Dec-2016 @ 13:00

Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir has stepped up his campaign to help millions of stateless people who often face violence, discrimination and are denied access to work and healthcare. The Yorkshire and Humber MEP, who earlier this month published a report urging more help for stateless individuals, was the lead negotiator for today's European Parliament debate on the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. The Rohingyas are one of the most persecuted people in the world and have been stateless since the Burmese nationality law was introduced in 1982, denying them citizenship. In recent weeks the Burmese military has intensified its crackdown on the Rohingya living in Rakhine state, where most of them live.

Summit number 45 since 2010 – will it set the EU on a new course?

14-Dec-2016 @ 13:45

Ahead of tomorrow's EU summit, Conservative MEP Syed Kamall, leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, said that it should not pass up the opportunity to finally begin taking the EU in a new direction.

Time for Europeans to commit to NATO, not an EU army

14-Dec-2016 @ 13:15

Speaking in the European Parliament today, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for a “high level of ambition” when the European Council discusses security and defence tomorrow afternoon. He wants the EU to be responsible for the protection of its citizens and “not just to be a soft power”. Consservate Defence spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden MEP commented:

EU Fisheries Council delivers a positive result for UK fishermen

14-Dec-2016 @ 10:30

Conservative Fisheries spokesman Ian Duncan MEP has welcomed the results of the annual fish quota talks in Brussels which today delivered increase in quota for many key stocks for the Scottish fleet.

Firearms trilogue: Statement by Parliament’s lead negotiator

06-Dec-2016 @ 11:30

Following a fourth round of three-way talks between Parliament, Council and Commission (trilogue) on the revision of the EU firearms directive, Conservative MEP Vicky Ford, on behalf of the European Parliament’s negotiating team, issued the following statement: “There has been an agreement in principle between the Council and Parliament on the key issues. We now need to see the consolidated text and discuss the details with COREPER [EU member states’ permanent representatives] and with our political groups in the Parliament.

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EU-Norway fish talks: Norwegian negotiators outfox EU

05-Dec-2016 @ 14:00

Conservative Fisheries spokesman Ian Duncan MEP has criticised the EU for buckling to Norwegian demands over access to North Sea fisheries.

Conservatives condemn Labour bid to block Ghana trade agreement.

01-Dec-2016 @ 16:15

Conservative MEPs have backed a trade agreement which will boost economic growth in Ghana and protect jobs. But they condemned an unsuccessful attempt by Labour MEPs to block the deal, accusing them putting ideological concerns ahead of the needs of Ghanaians.

Van Orden responds to European Defence Action Plan

30-Nov-2016 @ 18:30

In response to today’s release by the European Commission of its new European Defence Action Plan, Conservative Security and Defence spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden MBE MEP said: “I have a fundamental problem with the whole concept of this Action Plan. The institutions consistently state that, in accordance with the treaties, that defence is a Member State competence, and yet at every turn we find them trying to 'communitarise' defence. This Action Plan is a clear example of this competency creep.

Progress made on revising EU's firearms directive

30-Nov-2016 @ 13:00

Negotiators are closing in on a balanced revision of the EU Firearms Directive, according to Conservative MEP Vicky Ford.

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New air pollution targets will reduce premature deaths

23-Nov-2016 @ 13:00

Ambitious targets to reduce air pollution and cut premature deaths from poor air quality were given the final sign off by the European Parliament today. The National Emissions Ceilings directive (NEC), which has been steered through the European legislative process by Conservative MEP Julie Girling over the last three years, sets the upper limits per Member State for five key pollutants.

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Conflict minerals regulation ensures household items do not support war

23-Nov-2016 @ 11:45

Conservative MEPs have helped secure a well-balanced approach towards preventing trade of certain minerals that might fund conflict in high risk zones around the world. While the EU is working on a system that would encourage importers not to use minerals that are likely to finance conflicts, the Left originally pushed through a mechanism that would have a de facto embargo effect on conflict regions, leading to the possible closure of mines and denying innocent miners and their families of their livelihoods, while not having any significant effect at reducing conflict.

Conservatives condemn Labour threat to EU-Canada trade deal.

22-Nov-2016 @ 16:30

Conservative MEPs have condemned a Labour attempt to delay implementation of the landmark EU-Canada trade deal. The European Parliament will tomorrow vote on a motion calling for the deal, known as CETA, to be referred to the European Court of Justice for an opinion on its compatibility with EU treaties. If approved, the move could stop the deal being introduced for up to two years.

Van Orden: European Defence Union plays into Russia's hands.

22-Nov-2016 @ 12:00

Calls by MEPs today for the creation of a European Defence Union (EDU) are playing into the hands of Russia, according to Conservative Defence spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden MEP. The European Parliament has approved a report urging the European Council to take the lead in shaping an EDU to provide greater structured, permanent military co-operation, binding commitments and an EU-wide system for the movement of defence personnel and equipment.

Five questions for Julie Girling on her air quality report

21-Nov-2016 @ 18:30

Conservative MEP Julie Girling is leading legislation through the European Parliament this week that is part of a ‘Clean Air package’. The new directive sets targets for national emissions reductions from 2020 through to 2030. MEPs will vote on the law this week and beforehand we caught up with Mrs Girling about what the new law means for the air we breathe, and what effects it could have.

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Agreement edges closer on EU Firearms Directive

17-Nov-2016 @ 16:00

Good progress is being made on agreeing revisions to the EU's Firearms Directive which are being steered through the European Parliament by Conservative Internal Market spokesman Vicky Ford.

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MEPs must address Somaliland's independence claim

16-Nov-2016 @ 18:00

The European Parliament should be ashamed of its failure to consider Somaliland's claim to be recognised as an independent state, a high level hearing heard today.

EU task force backs UK's Groceries Adjudicator system

16-Nov-2016 @ 17:00

New EU-wide proposals to help farmers secure a better deal for their products feature support for a system pioneered in Britain. Long awaited findings from the European Commission's Agricultural Markets Task Force (AMTF) highlight the value of independent national adjudicators. The UK Government appointed a Groceries Code Adjudicator in 2013 to regulate the relationship between supermarkets and their suppliers and AMTF chairman Cees Verman visited Britain to see the scheme in operation at the invitation of Conservative Agriculture spokesman, Richard Ashworth MEP.

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Brexit minister to hold regular meetings with Conservative MEPs

15-Nov-2016 @ 01:00

Minister for Exiting the European Union David Jones said today he wanted to hold regular meetings with Conservative MEPs as the Brexit process moves forward.

"Long overdue" horse welfare proposals launched.

08-Nov-2016 @ 15:00

New guidelines to improve the welfare of the EU's 7 million horses and donkeys have been unveiled by Conservative MEP Julie Girling.

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