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Legal boost for open wi-fi networks

16-Mar-2016 @ 1:0

An opinion from the European Court of Justice that businesses which offer free, open wi-fi in their premises should not be liable for how it is used, has been welcomed by a Conservative MEP.

Internal Market and Consumer Protection spokesman Vicky Ford MEP said the Advocate General's opinion, although not binding on the court, sent the right signal.

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New measures to help the steel industry welcome, but more needed.

16-Mar-2016 @ 1:0

Conservative MEPs will press for EU anti-dumping investigations into imported steel to be further streamlined.

Expert claims proposed gun laws could be a security threat

15-Mar-2016 @ 18:30

Proposals to clamp down on semi-automatic weapons in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks could in fact increase the security threat, MEPs have been told.

At a hearing organised by Conservative MEP Vicky Ford in the European Parliament, Dr Edward Impey, Director General of the Royal Armouries, claimed draft plans by the European Commission to force museums to deactivate so-called Category A weapons in their collections could hamper law enforcement.

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Take EU-Turkey deal back to the drawing board, leaders urged

14-Mar-2016 @ 17:30

This week EU leaders will meet to finalise an agreement with Turkey aimed at stemming the flow of migrants along the Balkan route.

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MEP McClarkin launches Commonwealth initiative in Brussels

10-Mar-2016 @ 01:00

At a reception in Brussels to celebrate Commonwealth Day on Monday, Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin will launch her initiative for The Commonwealth Forum; a Brussels-based association which allows and encourages Commonwealth nations, diplomats, individuals and institutions to come together to promote the interests of the global organisation.

Call for EU-wide support for Thalidomide victims

10-Mar-2016 @ 1:0

Conservative MEPs are supporting calls for the creation of a framework to ensure Thalidomide victims across the EU receive similar levels of compensation.

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EU legislation threatens to turn back the clock at British ports

08-Mar-2016 @ 1:0

Conservative MEPs will continue to oppose measures they say threaten to turn back the clock at British ports.

UNHCR help needed to tackle migration crisis

08-Mar-2016 @ 1:0

A United Nations-led resettlement programme is required to provide lasting solutions to the European Union's migration crisis, Conservative Home Affairs Spokesman Timothy Kirkhope said.

Mr Kirkhope, who is rapporteur, or lead MEP, for the EU's permanent relocation system, said current measures were clearly not working.

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Kirkhope: Real solutions not false promises needed to solve migration crisis

08-Mar-2016 @ 01:00

Before the European Council of the 17th March, EU leaders need to ask themselves whether the proposed agreement with Turkey is really going to solve the migrant crisis, or whether it is committing the EU to an undeliverable plan at great cost for Europe, Conservative Home Affairs Spokesman Timothy Kirkhope MEP has said. 

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EC seeks clarity in Scottish farm payments controversy

01-Mar-2016 @ 1:0

The European Commission will seek to clarify reports that the Scottish Government could be fined if they fail to make Basic Payments to farmers on time, it confirmed today.

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Election must signal a new era for FIFA, say Conservative MEPs

26-Feb-2016 @ 1:0

Conservative MEPs say FIFA's new president Gianni Infantino will be judged on his ability to implement deep seated reform.

Swift action urged on EU trade deals with Australia and New Zealand

25-Feb-2016 @ 1:0

Conservative MEPs today expressed their strong support for the launch of free trade negotiations between the EU and Australia and New Zealand.

Key changes secured to jobs website used by EU migrants

25-Feb-2016 @ 13:30

Conservative MEPs have secured key amendments to rules governing an Europe-wide job website used by EU migrants seeking work in Britain.

Conservatives shape new EU insurance rules to benefit consumers

24-Feb-2016 @ 10:45

New measures to guarantee customers receive the same level of consumer protection wherever in the EU they buy insurance have come into force.

"Help us improve EU firearms legislation", urges Conservative MEP

23-Feb-2016 @ 15:00

Gun owners are being urged to engage positively with efforts to amend EU legislation aimed at keeping firearms out of terrorists' hands.

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Welcome for new measures to tackle people traffickers

22-Feb-2016 @ 1:0

Today the European Commission launched its EUROPOL European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) in The Hague, which will support EU Member States in dismantling criminal networks involved in organized migrant smuggling.

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Prime Minister's EU deal welcomed by Conservative MEPs

22-Feb-2016 @ 11:0

Prime Minister David Cameron's renegotiation of the UK's European Union membership has been welcomed by the leader of Conservative MEPs in Brussels.

New approach to ending global poverty secures MEPs' support

17-Feb-2016 @ 1:0

A report laying out innovative new ways to mobilise private capital in the fight against global poverty was approved by MEPs today.

Conservative MEPs welcome crackdown on "despicable" fake medicine trade

10-Feb-2016 @ 13:45

New  EU measures targeting the multi-million euro counterfeit medicines trade have been welcomed by Conservative MEPs.

Conservative MEP to lead emissions scandal clean up

09-Feb-2016 @ 16:30

Conservative MEP Daniel Dalton is to oversee a revision of laws governing how cars are approved, in the wake of the emissions scandal, it has been announced.