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We must help Africa to stem the flow of migrants, says Conservative report.

07-Jun-2016 @ 17:45

Securing peace and stability in Africa is crucial to dealing with the flow of refugees and economic migrants into Europe, a Conservative report approved by the European Parliament today makes clear.

Conservative report says all farmers must benefit from technological advances

07-Jun-2016 @ 17:30

Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre has secured European Parliament approval for a report calling for the greater use of technology in agriculture.

Dalton: Sharing economy needs clarity to grow in Europe

02-Jun-2016 @ 16:30

New guidelines for start-ups like Uber and AirBnB published today by the European Commission generally move in the right direction towards providing start-ups and their customers with more clarity on their rights and obligations.

Kamall: London football team's Brussels mission spreads the anti-terror message

01-Jun-2016 @ 17:15

"This is a cross-Channel show of unity - a celebration of the power of sport to change young lives and confound the extremists."

Conservative MEP proposes £1.5 billion boost for North Sea oil and gas industry

31-May-2016 @ 11:45

A change to EU law is being proposed which could boost the North Sea oil and gas industry by as much as £1.5 billion over ten years. Conservative Energy spokesman Mr Duncan MEP wants to close a loophole in the Emissions Trading System (ETS), the EU’s flagship climate change policy, which forces oil and gas operators to buy emission permits for the electricity they generate offshore.

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EU criminal records system upgrade approved by MEPs

30-May-2016 @ 17:30

An upgrade of the EU's system for exchanging criminal records is a step closer after the European Parliament's home affairs committee approved the draft plans.

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McClarkin: SMEs could benefit from EU/Mexico trade talks

30-May-2016 @ 15:30

Today's announcement of talks to update and extend the EU's trade deal with Mexico has been welcomed by Conservative MEPs.

Conservative MEPs re-ignite e-cigarette debate

27-May-2016 @ 13:00

Conservative MEPs are taking steps to re-open the debate on restrictive new EU rules covering the sale of e-cigarettes.

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MEPs adopt sensible resolution on EU-US data flows and Privacy Shield

26-May-2016 @ 16:00

The European Parliament has today adopted a resolution that will give businesses and individuals clarity over the flow of transatlantic data, Conservative shadow rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope MEP, said after the vote. The parliament was giving its opinion on the recent agreement of 'Privacy Shield' between the EU and USA, replacing the old 'Safe Harbor' agreement, which had been struck down by the European Court. Privacy Shield imposes strong obligations on US companies to protect EU citizens' personal data, with requirement for strong monitoring and enforcement of these protections by US authorities, working with European data protection authorities.

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Tear down these artificial EU trade barriers, urges Conservative MEP

26-May-2016 @ 15:00

A new approach is needed to remove obstacles to trade that still exist across the EU, according to Conservative MEP Dan Dalton.

New rules should underpin, not undermine, the digital economy say Conservative MEPs

26-May-2016 @ 11:00

Plans to force online retailers to open their websites to customers across the EU could reduce consumer choice, Conservative MEPs have warned

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Daniel Dalton Daniel Dalton

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EU commission must not resort to digital protectionism over Netflix

19-May-2016 @ 13:30

Next week the European Commission is set to publish a revision of its Media Services Directive, which is expected to include a requirement for Netflix and other on-demand services to devote at least 20 per cent of their content to European works.

Conservative MEP urges action to save Battle of the Somme re-enactment

13-May-2016 @ 11:00

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford is going into battle on behalf of British enthusiasts who fear being stripped of their trusty Lee Enfield rifles at a major re-enactment of the Battle of the Somme.

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Clearer labelling would help shoppers and farmers

12-May-2016 @ 13:30

Farmers and consumers would benefit from a proposal, backed by Conservative MEPs, for country of origin labelling to be extended to some dairy and meat products. The move is intended to rebuild trust following recent food scandals, enable shoppers to make informed choices when buying food and assist local producers.

Conservative MEPs attack Labour's "empty political gestures" on tax

12-May-2016 @ 11:00

Conservative MEPs made clear today they will be supporting proposals put forward by British EU Commissioner Lord Hill which would force multi-national companies to publicly report their tax dealings on a country-by-country basis.

McIntyre: Simpler rules mean growth and jobs

11-May-2016 @ 01:00

Simpler legislation and greater flexibility are the only way to ensure that Europe's economy grows and unemployment falls, MEPs have been warned.

EU must retain power to impose anti-dumping measures, say Conservative MEPs.

10-May-2016 @ 15:30

The EU must retain the power to take "timely, necessary and effective" action against anti-competitive practices as it shapes future trade arrangements with China, Conservative MEPs insisted today.

New rules on website and app accessibility agreed

04-May-2016 @ 14:30

New rules have been approved guaranteeing fuller access to the internet for people with disabilities.

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Conservative MEP hails cut in mobile roaming charges

29-Apr-2016 @ 01:00

Mobile phone roaming charges will fall significantly tomorrow when a measure supported by Conservative MEPs comes into force.

Ruling threatens to delay key emissions trading report

28-Apr-2016 @ 01:00

Conservative MEP Ian Duncan is calling on the European Commission to respond urgently to a legal ruling which places a question mark over its flagship Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

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