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McClarkin promotes virtues of key trade deal

02-Oct-2015 @ 16:0

Emma McClarkin MEP this week visited the World Trade Organisation in Geneva to highlight the importance of ratifying a major trade deal focussing on the streamlining of customs procedures across the world.

Capital Markets Union: the EU breaks down barriers to business growth and investment

30-Sep-2015 @ 17:0

The uphill struggle faced by businesses looking to access capital is finally set to be levelled as the European Commission launches plans to deliver better functioning capital markets, enabling entrepreneurs and companies access to a variety of asset-backed funds. Dr Kay Swinburne MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists Group economics spokesman, welcomed the plans, which were presented as the commission also announced a review of its post-crisis legislation to see whether it is working as intended.

Tories condemn MEPs' attempted cash grab

30-Sep-2015 @ 12:0

Conservative MEPs today condemned a move by the European Parliament's Budget Committee to add billions of extra spending to the EU's budget for 2016. The committee voted to overturn a reduction proposed by the EU Council of the €153.8 billion commitments proposal by €564 million, and the €143.5 billion payments proposal by €1.42 billion.

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Conservative MEP slams SNP hypocrisy over fish discard ban

30-Sep-2015 @ 9:0

Conservative MEP for Scotland Dr Ian Duncan has reacted with astonishment at the recent intervention by SNP MEP Ian Hudghton regarding the imminent introduction of the discard ban to demersal species. From January, fishermen catching demersal species, notably whitefish such as haddock and whiting, will have to bring ashore everything they catch. Pelagic fishermen have been subject to the ban since January 2015. Mr Hudghton has written to EU Fishing Commissioner Karmenu Vella urging him to do more to support Scottish fishermen when the ban comes into force. This is despite the fact that Scottish Fisheries Minister Richard Lochhead has repeatedly refused to help fishermen cope with the additional costs of the shore-side handling of fish previously discarded. Ian Duncan, who participated in the closed EU negotiations, inserted the following clause into the text of the law: “Member States shall have in place measures to facilitate their storage or for finding outlets for [undersized fish], such as support for investment in the construction and adaptation of landing sites and shelters, or support for investments to add value to fishery products”. Mr Lochhead has chosen to overlook the clause, which his officials at Marine Scotland described as ‘gloriously open to interpretation’. Mr Lochhead has also refused to convene a summit with fishing leaders to address the issues raised by the discard ban. Dr Duncan said, ‘I had the clause written into the Landings Obligation to oblige government to support the fleet through the challenges which could be clearly predicted. It seems that Mr Hudghton is unaware of this clause since he has written to Commissioner Vella urging the Commission to move away from ‘governing by central diktat,’ and called for co-operation between ‘local and national authorities and the fishermen’. Let me be clear, I agree with all Mr Hudghton says. However, it is the intransigence of Scotland’s own Fisheries Minister, Richard Lochhead, which is the real problem. Mr Lochhead has the freedom to support the fishing industry. This is not only my opinion, but also the strongly held view of the Chair of the Parliament’s Fisheries Committee Alain Cadec MEP, with whom I worked closely on the legislation.

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Conservative MEP welcomes Scottish and European experts to islands summit

30-Sep-2015 @ 10:30

Dr Ian Duncan, Conservative MEP for Scotland, has welcomed small businessmen from across Europe to the European Parliament to discuss the challenges facing Islands and peripheral communities. Dr Duncan chaired a meeting of the European Conservative and Reformist Policy Group on the Rural Economy, which heard that Island Communities across the EU face the common challenges of getting their goods to the market, providing a future for young people, embracing technological innovation and growing their economies. Speaking from the European Parliament in Brussels, Dr Duncan said

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Deva: UN Sustainable Development Goals can only be met with policies that really create wealth

28-Sep-2015 @ 13:30

The adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a landmark moment, but the goals will only be met through policies that encourage free trade, property rights, good governance, and entrepreneurship; according to Nirj Deva MEP, who is attending the UN General Assembly as Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Development committee. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 objectives that will build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) adopted in 2000. Alongside 169 targets it aims to mobilise all actors from states, international organisations, NGOs and interested parties in the fight against poverty.

Fox lashes costly EU lobbying over death penalty

25-Sep-2015 @ 12:0

  Leading Conservative MEP Ashley Fox today condemned Brussels officials after it emerged they had spent millions of pounds lobbying American politicians to drop the death penalty.

McIntyre's "change or die" message to business and law-makers

23-Sep-2015 @ 17:00

Flexible design, investment in skills and constant innovation are the keys to a flourishing economy, an influential audience of business people and policy experts heard this week (Tuesday evening).

Girling: FGM more than just a big city problem

23-Sep-2015 @ 01:00

The horrific practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is a national problem – not one merely confined to inner cities, a Conservative MEP is warning.

Conservative MEPs campaign to put an end to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

23-Sep-2015 @ 0:0

Why we have a zero tolerance policy on female genital mutilation Recently there have been investigations into girls being taken out of the UK to locations abroad for female genital mutilation (FGM), the brutal practice of cutting away parts of young girls for non-medical reasons. Seen as a religious, social and cultural tradition, it’s rife in many areas of the world, including parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It affects the UK too Victims of FGM can be found in almost every area of the UK. And it’s estimated that over 500,000 girls from across the EU suffer from being subjected to this unnecessary genital surgery.

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Kirkhope: EU vote makes finding solutions to the migrant and refugee crisis more difficult

22-Sep-2015 @ 19:45

Responding to the vote in today’s Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting, Conservative Home Affairs spokesman in the European Parliament, Timothy Kirkhope, said: “My greatest fear is that forcing such a divisive issue to a vote will have negative consequences in the long run. All 28 EU countries need to work together to manage this crisis and alienating major European states makes finding common solutions even harder.

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Fox: Compulsory relocation of migrants will do nothing to help the most needy

17-Sep-2015 @ 12:30

The leader of the Conservative delegation in the European Parliament, Ashley Fox, has warned that proposals for compulsory relocation of refugees and migrants will do nothing to solve the current crisis.

European Commission responds to public concerns over TTIP

16-Sep-2015 @ 13:45

The European Commission has rightfully responded to people's concerns over an element of the EU-US trade agreement, TTIP, in putting forward a blueprint for a modernised system, according to MEP Emma McClarkin.

Duncan secures key EU Climate Change Report

16-Sep-2015 @ 11:30

Dr Ian Duncan MEP will spearhead the European Parliament's reform of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the EU's flagship policy to tackle climate change. In a vote today MEPs appointed Ian as 'rapporteur' on the ETS file, the title used in the European Parliament for the MEP responsible for drafting reports on key policy objectives. This appointment comes weeks after Ian was a Shadow Rapporteur on the Market Stability Reserve (MSR), a key component of the ETS. The EU emissions trading system (EU ETS) is the cornerstone of the European Union's policy to combat climate change and its key tool for reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively. The first - and still by far the biggest - international system for trading greenhouse gas emission allowances, the EU ETS covers more than 11,000 power stations and industrial plants in 31 countries.

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Court ruling strengthens Cameron's hand

15-Sep-2015 @ 12:00

A European court ruling seen as a boost to Britain's renegotiation strategy has been upheld.

MEPs back Conservative MEP's groundbreaking report on non-military drones

15-Sep-2015 @ 11:15

A report by UK Conservative transport spokesman Jacqueline Foster on the safe use of remotely piloted aircraft systems - or drones - for non-military use has been overwhelmingly backed by the European Parliament's Transport Committee.

Conservative MEPs welcome microbusiness exemption from "VATmoss" rules

11-Sep-2015 @ 14:00

 Conservative MEPs have welcomed confirmation that the European Commission is to bring in an exemption from EU VAT rules for microbusinesses.    

Alarm sounded over new EU jobs ruling

11-Sep-2015 @ 11:30

Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre has expressed alarm over potential implications of a new European court ruling on workers' hours. The judgment published today by the European Court of Justice rules that travelling time to and from jobs must be counted as part of the working day for employees who do not have a regular fixed place of work.

Conservative transport spokesman wins support over Gibraltar vote

09-Sep-2015 @ 15:30

Conservative MEPs have won the backing of fellow parliamentarians for deleting a needless reference to Gibraltar in a report on EU transport policy.

Conservative MEPs urge rethink on funding for key regional transport scheme

03-Sep-2015 @ 01:00

Conservative MEPs from East Anglia and the Midlands are challenging the European Commission for rejecting a funding bid to help shift millions of tons of freight from road to rail in their regions.