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MEPs back Conservative support for fishermen over discard ban

28-Apr-2015 @ 18:0

Conservative fisheries spokesman Ian Duncan has welcomed today's vote in the European Parliament which will give fishermen two years to adjust to new rules banning the discarding of caught fish but has warned that the Scottish Government must support fishermen to implement the changes.

Yes to cutting plastic bag use. No to bad legislation

28-Apr-2015 @ 1:0

EU rules aimed at cutting down on plastic bag use – adopted by the European Parliament today – seek to achieve the right aims, but fail to put in place legislation that is clear, enforceable and workable, according to Environment Spokesman Julie Girling.

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Compulsory spy-in-the-car system bad for road safety

28-Apr-2015 @ 14:30

Conservative MEPs today (Tues) are opposing EU legislation which would force all cars to include controversial satellite-tracking technology that broadcasts a locator signal in the event of an accident.

Conservative MEP heads off "crazy" regulation of washing up gloves and umbrellas

23-Apr-2015 @ 12:15

Meddling EU plans to regulate everyday household items such as umbrellas and washing up gloves in the same way as industrial safety equipment have been blocked.

Commission's GM cave-in: submission dressed up as subsidiarity

22-Apr-2015 @ 16:30

Conservative MEP's reacted angrily today to EU Commission plans to let individual countries ban GM food and animal feed.

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Figures expose pointless EU directive

17-Apr-2015 @ 1:0

A study ordered by Conservative MEPs has laid bare the futility of the notorious EU Working Time Directive.

Iconic conservationist praises Conservative MEP over fight to end animal trafficking

15-Apr-2015 @ 1:0

Deputy Leader of the Conservative MEPs, Jacqueline Foster, has been praised by the conservationist and actress Virginia McKenna OBE for backing a new report calling for EU action over the illegal trade in wild animals.

Bio-fuels compromise safeguards jobs and investment

14-Apr-2015 @ 18:30

 Bio-fuels compromise safeguards jobs and investment

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Conservatives back scheme encouraging importers to stay away from "conflict minerals"

14-Apr-2015 @ 17:0

Conservative MEPs have today supported a certification system that would encourage importers not to use minerals that are likely to fund conflicts, such as in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Duncan Slams Labour for Risking Oil and Gas Jobs

14-Apr-2015 @ 12:45


Ian Duncan MEP has launched a scathing attack on the UK Labour Party for opposing common-sense plans to protect North Sea Oil and Gas from European meddling.

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Auditors "unaware" whether £10 billion EU youth employment scheme created a single job...yet Labour wants to spend more!

31-Mar-2015 @ 16:0

Conservative MEPs today condemned Labour's backing for the European Union's costly Youth Guarantee Scheme after reports suggested it has yet to create a single job.

Duncan condemns 'stupid and insulting' report on over-fishing

27-Mar-2015 @ 12:45

The Conservative fisheries spokesman in the European Parliament today vigorously defended British fishermen after a European think-tank accused the UK of overfishing and endangering fish stocks.

Ian Duncan, Conservative MEP for Scotland, condemned a report by the New Economics Foundation which claimed the UK was the worst offender in Europe for over-fishing, calling for a public apology and retraction.

"Two cheers" for EU legal opinion on benefits

26-Mar-2015 @ 18:30

 Anthea McIntyre MEP today cautiously welcomed new legal advice issued to the European Court of Justice on benefit rules.

Conservative MEPs reject proposals for more EU tax harmonisation

26-Mar-2015 @ 18:30

Conservative MEPs have opposed a report calling for more tax harmonisation at an EU level.

The report - supported by Labour, Lib Dem and SNP MEPs - calls for the EU to be given more powers to enforce a compulsory Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base, and endorses a Financial Transaction tax.

Conservative MEPs secure EU support for small businesses over VAT rules

25-Mar-2015 @ 19:45

Conservative MEPs have won an assurance from a leading EU Commissioner over the party's campaign to ensure new VAT rules do not have an adverse impact on micro-enterprises.

Frans Timmermans, effectively President Jean-Claude Juncker's number two in the Commission, promised that the new rules would be examined to head off any harm to small digital companies through unintended consequences.

The so-called VATmoss rules mean that, from January 1st this year, businesses have had to collect VAT for each individual country they sell to, and keep the records of all their transactions for years.

The rules were brought in to stop big companies from abusing international tax rules, but unfortunately lawmakers did not foresee the emergence of digital micro-businesses, such as the sellers of e-books.

Conservative MEPs - backed by Prime Minister David Cameron - have been lobbying the Commissio! n to introduce a threshold, to ensure the new rules do not create extra burdens for micro-enterprises.

The Commission initially sought to blame national governments, and in a debate with the European Commission in Brussels today, Conservative MEP for the East Midlands Andrew Lewer commented: "When it comes to people raising concerns about obstacles, the Commission simply blames someone else".

However responding to Mr Lewer's concerns, Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans promised to evaluate the effects of the new rules, saying "We would never want this legislation to have adverse effects on small entrepreneurs who are often at the cutting edge of creating new employment".

Conservative MEP for London, Syed Kamall, welcomed the change in heart of the Commission and said "I think we finally have a glimmer of hope for the many small businesses who have been so badly affected by this rule change."

Welcome for Prime Minister’s push on ‘VATmess’ at EU summit

19-Mar-2015 @ 11:30

 A senior MEP campaigning to change new EU rules on VAT, that have caused a number of very small online businesses to stop trading, has welcomed the planned intervention by Prime Minister David Cameron at today’s EU summit.

Campaign to cut EU red tape gains momentum

17-Mar-2015 @ 15:30

The campaign to remove red tape and cut EU bureaucracy secured a major victory today when supporters won a series of votes in the European Parliament's committee for the Single Market.

No megatrucks on UK roads, after Conservatives secure UK exemption

10-Mar-2015 @ 14:30

There will be no 'mega-trucks' on Britain's roads thanks to decisive action by the Conservative Transport Spokesman in the European Parliament, Jacqueline Foster MEP.

EU Fishing Committee ‘overwhelmingly' backs Duncan Discard plan

10-Mar-2015 @ 14:0

In a near unanimous vote the European Parliament’s Fishing Committee has backed Ian Duncan MEP’s plan for a workable fish discard ban.