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Breakthrough for online TV and music subscribers

18-May-2017 @ 12:00

Subscribers to services such as Sky Now TV and Netflix will soon be able watch programmes while abroad following a vote today backed by Conservative MEPs.

Ashley Fox: Let's work together to build a new relationship

17-May-2017 @ 10:00

The European Union should not seek money from Britain during the Brexit negotiations simply to cover its own budgetary failures, UK Conservative delegation leader Ashley Fox told MEPs today.

Strong response needed to LGBTI persecution in Chechnya

15-May-2017 @ 15:00

Persecution of gay men in Chechnya must be met with a strong response from the European Union, Conservative MEPs insist.

Conservative MEPs' bid to change "confused" broadcasting rules.

13-May-2017 @ 11:00

European Parliament proposals to revise TV broadcasting rules could weaken consumer protection, threaten freedom of speech and increase red tape, say Conservative MEPs.

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Court opinion poses threat to Uber and Airbnb

11-May-2017 @ 11:45

The future of internet-based services such as Uber and Airbnb has been thrown into doubt by an opinion issued today by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

New tool to protect bees should be rolled out across Europe

10-May-2017 @ 16:00

A new website currently being used in Britain which allows farmers to warn beekeepers when they spray insecticide could help protect bees across Europe.

Digital Single Market is central to our future prosperity.

10-May-2017 @ 15:15

Conservatives have cautiously welcomed proposals today to further prioritise the development of the Digital Single Market (DSM).

Member States must have zero tolerance on child sex abuse images

04-May-2017 @ 16:00

Conservative MEP, Emma McClarkin, is calling on EU Member States to follow the example of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) in the UK to best eliminate child sexual abuse imagery online.

Thumbs up for the collaborative economy

04-May-2017 @ 14:00

The European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee has approved a report on the Collaborative Economy, including amendments to support innovation and increase consumer choice.

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Syed Kamall's response to Commission's Brexit directives

03-May-2017 @ 14:00

Responding to European Commission's proposed negotiation directives, European Conservatives and Reformists Group Leader, Syed Kamall, said:

"We need a more honest relationship with Turkey"

26-Apr-2017 @ 16:30

A new relationship is needed with Turkey that is based on co-operation, not the distant goal of European Union membership, Conservative MEP Syed Kamall told the European Parliament today.

Conservative MEPs vote against new Netflix content quotas

25-Apr-2017 @ 13:00

European Parliament proposals on revised TV broadcasting rules could stifle consumer choice, increase red tape and threaten freedom of speech, say Conservative MEPs.

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Asparagus mission hears MEP's plea to keep protection for unique foodstuffs

25-Apr-2017 @ 13:00

New British laws mirroring the EU's protection for unique regional foodstuffs could give an ongoing boost for our producers post-Brexit, MEP Anthea McIntyre said today.

Miss McIntyre said adopting the EU's Protected Geographical Indication system (PGI) into UK law would mean that specialist growers and processors could continue receiving protection for their goods to ban inferior copies from abusing their good name.

Deva: "Parliament must fully embrace the future of development"

24-Apr-2017 @ 18:30

The European Parliament's Development, Budget and Foreign Affairs committees have voted for a new direction for development funding by creating a public-private partnership with the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD).

Conservative Development Spokesman, Nirj Deva MEP’s call for a partnership with the private sector for development funding was backed last year by the European Commission and the Parliament. Unfortunately although today's vote endorses the idea, Conservative MEPs could not support it overall as it does not focus spending on projects that have market value.

Ashley Fox MEP's statement on May's call for a General Election

18-Apr-2017 @ 12:30

 Reacting to Theresa May's decision to call a General Election on June 8, Ashley Fox, leader of Conservatives in the European Parliament, said:

Bashir: The suffering of stateless people cannot be denied

11-Apr-2017 @ 10:00

Today the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee backed Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir's call to end statelessness that leaves millions vulnerable to persecution.

"We need a good agreement, not a good fight"

05-Apr-2017 @ 10:30

Britain and the EU must work together to shape a close new relationship that works in the interests of all citizens, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox told the European Parliament today.

European Parliament approves measures to prevent another car emission scandal

04-Apr-2017 @ 13:00

Today the European Parliament backed new measures that will ensure vehicles continue to meet emissions and safety standards once out of the showroom.

The revised market surveillance rules aim to prevent another vehicle emissions scandal and restore consumer confidence in the car market. They place obligations on Member States to properly test the cars on their country’s roads and put in place oversight at all stages of the process.

Conservative MEP Daniel Dalton, who led the plan through the Parliament said: “Today’s vote will begin to restore confidence in our testing systems and in our car manufacturers.

“This new system replaces one which was at best patchy and at worst ineffective, allowing the car emissions scandal to be undetected for so long. Any manufacturer who wants to try and cheat the system are now very likely to be caught with the combination of these new measures, combined with the real driving emissions tests for new cars passed by the European Parliament last year.”

Under the new measures, Member States will be required to test 20 per cent of the car models on sale in the country each year. These will be of various ages to ensure that the vehicle still meets minimum standards while in use.

The report also introduces greater oversight, with Member States having to submit their surveillance plans to the European Commission for approval and an independent review system being created. The Commission will be able to undertake its own testing when necessary, issue recalls and levy fines on manufacturers in the event of failures.

West Midlands MEP Mr Dalton added: “These new rules make sure that the cars on our roads are as safe and as clean as manufacturers claim them to be. They leave us in a strong position to enter trilogue talks with the European Commission and Council."

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford, who chairs the Internal Market Committee, welcomed the Parliament’s approval.

She said: “These reforms will restore consumer trust when buying a car; the single largest purchase most people ever make. They mean we can now detect if a car isn't meeting standards once on the road and allow us to hold manufacturers to account."    

"Achieving this deal was no small feat and it is significant that it was led by a British negotiator. I hope that the new relationship between the UK and the EU post Brexit will enable continued practical co-operation on issues of this nature."

MEPs vote to curb unsustainable palm oil production

04-Apr-2017 @ 13:00

Conservative MEPs backed plans to encourage the sustainable production of palm oil to tackle deforestation and climate change, that were passed by the European Parliament today.

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