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North MEPs hail Chancellor's "powerhouse" plan

05-Aug-2014 @ 12:0

Conservative MEPs today welcomed the Chancellor's plans to invest in the long-term economic performance of the north of England.

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Report boosts Tory campaign to stop EU's costly Strasbourg circus

01-Aug-2014 @ 10:15

An official report by the EU's Court of Auditors has added huge weight to the campaign by Conservative MEPs to stop the European Parliament sitting in Strasbourg as well as Brussels.

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EU budget: total rethink needed to avert crisis

17-Jul-2014 @ 10:0

 A top-to-bottom overhaul of the European Union budget was demanded by Conservative MEPs today as the European Parliament in Strasbourg debated a looming black hole in spending plans. Budget spokesman Richard Ashworth said a complete rethink of spending patterns was needed to head off a worsening payments crisis caused by a yawning gap between the EU's commitments and its anticipated funds.

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Conservative MEPs sign up for British farmers

16-Jul-2014 @ 17:0

Agriculture spokesman Richard Ashworth was among Conservative MEPs who today put their names to a charter pledging support for British farming.

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Tory blueprint on EU job creation

16-Jul-2014 @ 10:0

Conservative MEPs today urged the EU to strive for a flexible labour market, improved skills-training and greater focus on entrepreneurship and business leadership.

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Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

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Kamall to Juncker: do you want your commission to be the last of an old era, or the first of a new era?

15-Jul-2014 @ 15:0

Where Jean-Claude Juncker proposes a forward looking agenda of leadership for a new era, the ECR will support him. However, when he looks backwards towards a more centralised European superstate we will propose a positive alternative, Syed Kamall, European Conservatives and Reformists Group leader, said in today’s speech ahead of Mr Juncker’s confirmation vote in the European Parliament. Speaking in the chamber, Mr Kamall said that the ECR cannot support Mr Juncker for two reasons: namely the process that brought him to being nominated by the council (which has led to the ‘mother of all backroom deals’), and the fear that he is not the right man to lead an agenda of reform.

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Syed Kamall Syed Kamall

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Statement following ECR Group meeting with Commission President-designate Jean Claude Juncker

08-Jul-2014 @ 17:0

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament this afternoon held an exchange of views with Jean Claude Juncker. Speaking after the meeting, ECR chairman Syed Kamall said:

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Syed Kamall Syed Kamall

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Conservative Vicky Ford takes the reins in key commerce and consumer-rights role

07-Jul-2014 @ 17:0

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford was today (Mon) confirmed in the key position of Chairman of the European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee.

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Syed Kamall: the EU must meet the challenges of the 2050s, not the problems of the 1950s

02-Jul-2014 @ 14:0

Speaking for the first time in the Strasbourg chamber as leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, Syed Kamall today said his group will cooperate with those in the new parliament who wish to discuss ideas for reforming the European Union.

Karim: We owe it to voters to challenge the Brussels elite

30-Jun-2014 @ 9:0

British MEP Sajjad Karim will this week tell MEPs they owe it to European voters to reject the usual back-room "stitch-up" by backing him to become President of the European Parliament.

Karim: We need a president for the whole parliament

25-Jun-2014 @ 11:0

All 751 MEPs should think hard and think as individuals before perpetuating the two-party stitch-up method of deciding the presidency of the European Parliament.

Kamall: European Commission step in the right direction on reducing burdens

19-Jun-2014 @ 11:0

The leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs Syed Kamall has welcomed today’s announcement of further actions aimed at making some EU laws less burdensome and costly, following a long campaign by the ECR Group to ensure regulation is acting as a conduit for business, rather than a barrier.

McClarkin: Ski case highlights French protectionism

17-Jun-2014 @ 01:00

British ski instructor Simon Butler has been found guilty today of teaching without proper qualifications by a French court. He was sentenced to 200 days in prison or a €30,000 fine. Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin, who has raised Mr Butler's case with the EU Commission, believes he is a victim of French protectionism. She initiated EU legislation which allows appropriate professional qualifications to be recognized across Europe. The East Midlands MEP today said: "This case just goes to prove that protectionism still takes priority in France. I'm sad to say Mr Butler's case is not the only incident of British instructors having problems in France. The French behaviour defies the free movement of workers and is totally against the recognition of professional qualifications."

Karim puts Presidential bid to Group Leaders

10-Jun-2014 @ 15:0

Sajjad Karim MEP, nominated as the European Parliament Presidential candidate by the ECR group, has today written to the leaders of all the main groups in the European Parliament seeking their backing. He said:

Welcome for new law to end scandal of 21st Century slavery

04-Jun-2014 @ 13:0

Draft legislation to counter modern-day slavery represents a declaration of intent to stop a 21st Century scandal which degrades us all, a senior Conservative MEP said today.

"Make new migrants renounce mutilation", says Conservative-led community forum

07-May-2014 @ 10:0

People coming to Europe as migrants should be obliged to sign a declaration rejecting the brutal practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Landmark vote backs Conservative vision of re-shoring jobs

16-Apr-2014 @ 16:0

Reversing the trend of companies off-shoring their production and services to foreign parts offers huge opportunities and can play a key part in our economic turnaround, MEPs have agreed in a landmark vote

Tories see off EU plan to impose burdensome fees on the food supply chain

16-Apr-2014 @ 16:0

Conservative MEPs have scored a major success by staving off plans to impose EU-wide fees on inspections related to the food supply chain.

Marathon negotiations will boost confidence in Europe's capital markets

15-Apr-2014 @ 19:0

Four years of painstaking work and intense negotiation ended successfully for Conservative MEPs today when the European Parliament finally approved key legislation on financial trading.