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McClarkin: The EU will not open procurement markets around the world by closing off Europe’s

15-Jan-2014 @ 14:0

European Commission plans to close off Europe's public procurement markets to outside countries represents a protectionist move that will undermine all EU growth-related efforts to open markets around the globe, Emma McClarkin MEP, has warned today.

EU procurement reforms are major boost for taxpayers, small businesses and the European economy

15-Jan-2014 @ 15:0

The enormous spending power of public authorities will be deployed to support innovation, small businesses, economic growth and taxpayer value, thanks to reforms voted through the European Parliament today.

Conservatives: Marathon regulation talks seal leading role of London and UK

15-Jan-2014 @ 14:0

A new package of measures to regulate the market in financial products - agreed in Strasbourg last night after months of negotiation - will improve transparency and ensure the UK stays at the forefront of the global trade.

Conservative legal challenge over Strasbourg ruling

15-Jan-2014 @ 14:0

Conservative MEPs today mounted a protest after their bid to cut just a small part of the waste of the European Parliament's so-called traveling circus was ruled out of order.

Conservatives beat GM fanatics' attack on honey

14-Jan-2014 @ 14:0

Conservative MEPs today defeated a bid by eco-zealots to get pollen officially designated an ingredient of honey.

Conservatives resist Brussels power grab on social housing

14-Jan-2014 @ 17:0

Conservatives will this week oppose head-on a plan for the European Union to give itself powers to control the way Britain and other countries deal with homelessness.

Snowden invited to appear before European Parliament - but only in a live, interactive session

09-Jan-2014 @ 9:0

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties committee has agreed that NSA fugitive Edward Snowden can give evidence to an inquiry into the allegations he has made - but only if he appears in a live and interactive session.

Commission stance threatens discard ban

20-Dec-2013 @ 9:0

In a surprise eleventh hour intervention, Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki has scuppered any chance of a timely deal on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), the third and final key pillar of fisheries reforms in the EU.

Stevenson: Fisheries talks a victory for Eustice

18-Dec-2013 @ 16:0

Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson today hailed a successful outcome for Britain in the latest round of annual negotiations on EU fishing quotas.

Audit deal should restore confidence

17-Dec-2013 @ 14:0

The European Parliament's lead MEP on new legislation to reform the audit sector today hailed a breakthrough in negotiations which should see a deal finalised when representatives of member states meet in Brussels tomorrow (Wednesday).

EU set to introduce draconian overregulation of e-cigarettes

17-Dec-2013 @ 10:0

A provisional deal reached last night between MEPs and national governments on a new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) will take the majority of e-cigarettes off the market.

Provocative' Snowden appearance before European Parliament green-lighted

12-Dec-2013 @ 18:0

The President of the European Parliament has effectively given the green light to a highly controversial appearance by NSA fugitive Edward Snowden before a committee of MEPs.

Ukraine should have fresh elections – or face EU sanctions

12-Dec-2013 @ 13:0

Ukraine's president should dissolve its government, form a new coalition and call a general election in order to give his country afresh start and a better future, a senior MEP told the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Tories slam "more power and money" plan for EU

11-Dec-2013 @ 16:0

Conservative MEPs will tomorrow (Thursday) vote against a comprehensive blueprint for handing sweeping new powers to the European Union and giving eurocrats easier access to taxpayers' money.

Financial "plumbing" needs attention – or a burst could wreck everything

11-Dec-2013 @ 14:0

Financial businesses outside the banking sector are potentially just as vulnerable to market stress – and so must be able to demonstrate proper governance and robust risk-management in just the same way.

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11-Dec-2013 @ 10:0

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament has attacked a delegation of left-wing MEPs heading off to Iran on Thursday, without setting any preconditions such as the regime allowing them to meet opposition spokespersons or debating the human rights situation.

Tories defeat controversial sex-education report

10-Dec-2013 @ 16:0

Conservative MEPs have helped to defeat an extreme proposal to make sex education compulsory for infants as young as four and to allow Brussels to dictate abortion law to all EU countries including Britain.

Conservatives defeat "foolhardy and catastrophic" trawling ban

10-Dec-2013 @ 16:0

British Conservative MEPs have defeated a move in the European Parliament to impose a blanket ban on all deep sea trawling.

Audit negotiations called off as compromise stalls

04-Dec-2013 @ 17:0

Sajjad Karim, the European Parliament's lead negotiator on an important package of reforms to the audit profession, has called off the latest round of negotiations due as part of the legislative process.

Funding for global accounting body finalised... but with strings attached

04-Dec-2013 @ 15:0

Negotiations on a controversial funding programme for the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) have finally been concluded after months of discussions.