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MEPs must separate fact from fiction on pesticides

07-Jun-2018 @ 16:00

The European Parliament's temporary committee on pesticides must take a common sense approach to regulation if it is to make a useful contribution, a leading member said.

Ashley Fox: Research is too important to play politics with

07-Jun-2018 @ 15:00

The EU is being urged to act quickly and formalise the UK's post-Brexit involvement in the bloc's scientific research programme. Conservative Industry and Research Spokesman Ashley Fox MEP was speaking following publication of details of how the Horizon Europe scheme will operate from 2021. The UK receives the largest share of grants from the current programme and today's document leaves the door open for it to continue participating after Brexit.

Single seat: France should open talks, not resort to the courts

05-Jun-2018 @ 13:00

France should engage in constructive discussions to end the European Parliament's costly treks to Strasbourg, not rely on the courts to obstruct change, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox said today.

EU must follow UK ban on ivory trade

05-Jun-2018 @ 10:00

The EU is being urged to follow the UK's lead and introduce a near total ban on the sale of ivory.

EU should "lead by example" in response to US tariffs

31-May-2018 @ 20:00

Tariffs on EU steel and aluminium will fail to address global overcapacity and cost European citizens and businesses, says Conservative Joint International Trade spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP. Responding to the White House's decision to impose tariffs Miss McClarkin said: "I am extremely disappointed that both the EU and the US did not find a permanent deal to exempt European businesses from the tariffs on steel and aluminium.

EU must not ban theatre stage lighting

31-May-2018 @ 14:00

European officials should extend stage lighting's exemption from energy efficiency rules or risk forcing theatres to close, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox warned today. The European Parliament backed Mr Fox's amendment calling for the Commission to exclude tungsten, arc and LED lamps used for stage lighting from the EU's efficiency rules because there is no alternative available for local theatres or performance venues.

MEPs urge Iran to free Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

31-May-2018 @ 12:00

A motion calling for Iran to immediately release the jailed British-Iranian aid worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been backed today by the European Parliament.

Labour and SNP vote is a betrayal of UK fishing communities

30-May-2018 @ 15:00

Labour and SNP MEPs today ignored the interests of British fishermen and backed an attempt by the European Parliament to keep the UK inside the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) post-Brexit.

Conservative MEPs hail steps to protect North Sea fish stocks

29-May-2018 @ 13:00

Measures approved today have been hailed by Conservative MEPs as a major step forward in securing the long term sustainability of North Sea fish stocks. The European Union's North Sea Plan, which was passed by a large majority in the European Parliament, is expected to come into force this summer. It sets limits on fishing quotas to avoid them exceeding levels regarded as sustainable by the latest scientific research.

EU must see if GDPR works before legislating again

25-May-2018 @ 09:00

The EU must adopt a wait and see approach after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) before introducing further legislation, Daniel Dalton MEP said today.

2019 EU elections vulnerable to Russian meddling

24-May-2018 @ 10:00

Next year's European elections are at risk of Russian meddling unless action is taken warns a senior Conservative MEP.

Kamall: Who needs Interpol when you have Mark Zuckerberg?

22-May-2018 @ 20:00

Commenting after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before MEPs in the European Parliament, ECR Group co-chair Syed Kamall said:

​Asia-Europe cooperation is more important than ever

18-May-2018 @ 17:00

The second Asia-Europe Political Forum (AEPF) concluded in London today by calling for cooperation between the two continents to tackle global problems such as climate change, disaster relief, major diseases and combating the pollution of our oceans. The forum, hosted by a senior Conservative MEP, brought together political party representatives from 22 countries across Asia and Europe.

Swinburne: To make a success of Brexit, we need a pro-business Welsh government

18-May-2018 @ 01:00

Wales risks falling behind after Brexit if the Welsh government doesn’t do more to support businesses, enterprise and boost competition the Welsh Conservative party’s conference heard today.

EU defence spending about integration, not military capability

04-May-2018 @ 13:00

A proposed 22-fold increase in the EU defence budget could mean less money being spent on key areas, Conservative Defence Spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden warned today.

Foster: "Cosmetic testing on animals must be banned worldwide”

03-May-2018 @ 01:00

Today Conservative MEPs backed a call for the EU to spearhead a global ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals.

Nirj Deva: An historic day in Korea, but patience is still needed

27-Apr-2018 @ 13:00

The Chairman of the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with the Korean Peninsula, who is engaged in behind the scenes negotiations to defuse tensions between the North and South, has welcomed today's landmark meeting between the North's Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in of South Korea.

New plan unveiled to end ‘ghost fishing'

24-Apr-2018 @ 14:00

A new plan to protect our oceans from ‘ghost fishing’ has been unveiled today by Conservative MEP John Flack.

New rules will prevent another Dieselgate scandal

19-Apr-2018 @ 13:00

Comprehensive measures to prevent a repeat of the Dieselgate scandal today secured final approval from MEPs.

Nirj Deva: North Korea may be ready to accept a nuclear freeze

18-Apr-2018 @ 09:00

A unique opportunity exists to take the first steps towards lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, according to the Conservative MEP involved in behind-the-scenes talks. Nirj Deva, Chairman of the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with the Korean Peninsula, believes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may be ready to agree a freeze on his country's nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.