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EMIR vote cancellation means MEPs' message is getting through

07-Feb-2013 @ 13:0

A decision today by the European Parliament to withdraw a controversial motion on EMIR derivatives regulation - in advance of an impending vote in Strasbourg - is a sign that MEPs' concerns have hit home, a senior negotiator on the legislation has said.

Vital battle against cybercrime stepped up

07-Feb-2013 @ 12:0

A package of measures to tackle the growing problem of cybercrime across Europe was welcomed today by senior Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope.

CFP vote marks "end of the beginning", says Stevenson

06-Feb-2013 @ 16:0

Today’s vote in the European Parliament in Strasbourg marked a "seminal and long-overdue landmark" on the road to reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), but there are still enormous hurdles to clear before meaningful change is embedded that will make EU fisheries sustainable in the long-term.

Conservative spokesman denounces violence against women

06-Feb-2013 @ 15:0

The Conservative spokesman on women’s rights in the European Parliament, Marina Yannakoudakis, spoke out in Strasbourg to condemn domestic violence.

Conservatives MEPs act to protect immigration borders

06-Feb-2013 @ 15:0

Conservative MEPs today helped to vote through a key package of measures which will help to strengthen Europe's borders against illegal immigration and make it easier for Britain to send asylum seekers back to their point of entry to the EU.

Labour's bid to stifle charity with EU red tape

06-Feb-2013 @ 13:0

Conservative MEPs today opposed a bid by the Labour Party to create European regulation which would control the way businesses help good causes and local charities. They rejected a report drafted by Labour MEP Richard Howitt calling for legislation forcing businesses to disclose details of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes.

Conservative welcome for fisheries reform and end to discards

06-Feb-2013 @ 13:0

Struan Stevenson MEP, Conservative spokesman on fisheries and senior vice-president of the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee, welcomed today's historic vote in Strasbourg for wholesale reform of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy.

Callanan: EU will miss opportunity to fundamentally reform spending

06-Feb-2013 @ 13:0

Speaking this morning in a debate with European Commission President Barroso on tomorrow's EU summit, European Conservatives and Reformists group leader Martin Callanan MEP lamented that any deal reached this week on the EU's budget will pass up the opportunity to fundamentally reform the spending priorities of the EU.

Fighting crime and terror at a Europe-wide level

05-Feb-2013 @ 16:0

A senior Conservative MEP welcomes today plans for new European measures to combat money-laundering and fight terrorism within the EU.

Kirkhope raises profile of internet safety campaign

05-Feb-2013 @ 15:0

Timothy Kirkhope MEP today voiced wholehearted support for Safer Internet Day 2013, as part of his ongoing campaign to protect children from online predators.

Callanan: President Hollande has shown Europe its future if it reverts to socialism

05-Feb-2013 @ 1:0

Speaking in a keynote debate with French President Francois Hollande this morning, European Conservatives and Reformists group leader Martin Callanan MEP thanked the socialist leader for showing the rest of Europe the future it could have if it follows him down the road of greater centralisation, higher taxes and rigid labour markets.

Swinburne: Derivatives vote was for democracy and accountability

05-Feb-2013 @ 12:0

A leading Conservative MEP on the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee today expressed her satisfaction after the committee accepted her recommendations to reject potentially damaging proposals for regulating so-called over-the-counter derivatives trading.

Chichester welcomes "beefed up" cyber defences

01-Feb-2013 @ 17:0

A senior Conservative MEP today welcomed a comprehensive package of improvements to Europe's cyber-security operations, approved during detailed negotiations in Brussels.

Conservative MEPs hear of optimism in Somalia

01-Feb-2013 @ 10:0

Nirj Deva MEP, Conservatives spokesman on international development in the European Parliament chaired a meeting in Brussels with Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of Somalia.

Boycott urged over illegal pork

31-Jan-2013 @ 13:0

A leading MEP today urged consumers to boycott pork products which have not been produced to the same high welfare-standards used in Britain.

EU tackling terrorism at home

30-Jan-2013 @ 15:0

Tackling terrorism at the grass roots was the main agenda for a high level conference with EU officials, NGOs and Europe's home ministers yesterday. The European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, hosted the meeting in Brussels and interior ministers from France, Spain, Norway, and Sweden highlighted the need to curb home grown extremism and terrorism.

Commission's "preposterous" quota claims debunked

25-Jan-2013 @ 13:0

The lead Conservative MEP on equality issues today poured scorn on a claim by the European Commission that its own actions were responsible for putting more women in top company boardrooms.

Wasted opportunity as CAP reforms turn the clock back

24-Jan-2013 @ 13:0

Long-awaited proposals to overhaul the European Union's much-criticised Common Agricultural Policy - which have been discussed and voted upon in minutiae by MEPs yesterday and today (Thursday) - represent a huge and regrettable wasted opportunity, a senior Conservative MEP said today.

McClarkin brings right balance to legislation on professional qualifications

23-Jan-2013 @ 15:0

Proposed legislation to allow key professional qualifications to be recognised across Europe will be more effective and less interfering thanks to the contribution of Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin.

MEP leader welcomes Cameron speech

23-Jan-2013 @ 10:0

Richard Ashworth, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs, was in London today to hear PM Cameron's speech and hailed it a success.