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EU students continue to be welcome at UK universities.

11-Oct-2016 @ 19:00

Britain's world class universities will continue to welcome EU students despite the Brexit vote, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox stressed today.

Conservative MEP to investigate UKIP "altercation".

07-Oct-2016 @ 13:00

The decision to refer yesterday's incident involving UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe to the European Parliament's Code of Conduct Advisory Committee has been welcomed by committee chairman Sajjad Karim.

MEPs leader tells conference: Britain's best days lie ahead.

02-Oct-2016 @ 17:30

People should not focus on a "hard" or "soft" exit for Britain from the EU but instead concentrate on securing a good exit, Conservative MEPs leader Ashley Fox told the party's conference this afternoon.

He said the goal must be to agree a deal that meets the needs of the British people and restores control over the country's borders.

Measures to prevent another emissions scandal unveiled by Conservative MEP.

29-Sep-2016 @ 11:30

A new EU vehicle testing system aimed at preventing any repeat of the VW emissions scandal has been unveiled by Conservative MEP Dan Dalton.

Mr Dalton's report, presented to the European Parliament's Internal Market Committee today, proposes a rigorous programme of assessment and market surveillance by Member States to be policed by other countries through peer review. The European Commission would oversee the process, checking the performance of national authorities every three years and having the power to take action against those that do not meet the required standards.

Broad support for move to limit European Parliament presidents to two terms.

27-Sep-2016 @ 16:45

A call for European Parliament presidents to be limited to two terms in office has been supported by MEPs from six of the parliament's eight political groups.

Members from the ECR, EPP, ALDE, GUE/NGL, Greens/EFA and EFDD groups are amongst the 50 to sign an amendment submitted by Conservative MEP leader Ashley Fox to the revised rules of procedure being drawn up by the Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee via the Corbett report.

Conservative MEPs back call by HRH The Duke of Cambridge to end the illegal wildlife trade

23-Sep-2016 @ 14:00

Conservative MEPs Emma McClarkin and Julie Girling today backed HRH The Duke of Cambridge as he called for the end of the illegal wildlife trade.

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Emma McClarkin Emma McClarkin

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Ashley Fox: Limit European Parliament presidents to two terms.

23-Sep-2016 @ 15:30

MEPs are being urged to support a move which would limit European Parliament presidents to two terms as a way of promoting "fresh leadership."

Conservative MEPs leader Ashley Fox has submitted an amendment to the revised rules of procedure being drawn up by the Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee via the Corbett report. It states that "Members shall be permitted to serve a maximum of two terms in the office of President ...which may be served consecutively or with interruption."

Lord Kirkhope welcomes the PM’s call for a global crack down on airport security

23-Sep-2016 @ 15:00

A United Nations move to improve airport security has been backed by Conservative MEP Lord Kirkhope.

Later today the UN Security Council will discuss a resolution, circulated by the UK earlier this month, calling on the International Civil Aviation Organisation to step up its efforts to ensure countries comply with internationally agreed security standards.

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Timothy Kirkhope

Conservative MEP backs May on migration

23-Sep-2016 @ 12:00

Conservative MEP Dr Charles Tannock today backed Theresa May's call for an international response to tackle the current refugee crisis.

As the Conservatives' Foreign Affairs spokesman, Dr Tannock said: "I welcome the Prime Minister's call to better distinguish between refugees and economic migrants, an approach which will be vital if we are to maintain the value and confidence of the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees, which is in need of a radical overhaul if it is to address the realities of the modern world.

"We must defend the right to seek temporary refuge for those fleeing war and persecution. But this cannot entitle others to use the opportunity to cross dozens of safe countries, moving half way across the globe in search of the most generous welfare systems and employment opportunities.

"Strengthening the principle of seeking asylum in the first neighbouring safe country, where common historical and cultural ties are often present, is a logical step and one which I support."

Van Orden: An EU army has no credibility with our potential enemies.

14-Sep-2016 @ 20:15

It is no surprise that European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker called for an EU common defence in his “State of the Union” speech to the European Parliament. This idea will be taken forward when Prime Ministers of 27 EU countries (excluding Britain) meet in Bratislava on Friday.

Juncker supports private sector role in international development.

14-Sep-2016 @ 20:00

A conference could be staged in the New Year and talks started with private investors following the announcement today by European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker of an investment plan for Africa.

Juncker has repeated the same old mantra

14-Sep-2016 @ 12:00

In today’s State of the Union debate in the European Parliament, Conservative MEP Syed Kamall, leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, warned European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker that he had an opportunity to listen to the warning signs across Europe and alter the EU’s direction, yet instead we saw the same mantra as before.

Juncker urged to use State of the EU address to advance international aid plan

13-Sep-2016 @ 17:30

European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker is being urged to use Wednesday's State of the European Union speech to back a plan which could channel €300 billion a year to the developing world.

It is understood Mr Juncker is considering taking forward a strategy steered through the European Parliament by Conservative Development spokesman Nirj Deva which involves using the private sector to supplement public funds for Africa and other areas.

Committee backs UK nominee for EU Commissioner

13-Sep-2016 @ 12:00

Members of the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee today recommended that the UK’s Sir Julian King be approved in the role of Security Union Commissioner.

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Kamall: All 751 MEPs must decide parliament's Brexit negotiator

08-Sep-2016 @ 17:00

After European Parliament President Martin Schulz today tried to appoint the leader of the fourth largest group in the parliament as the institution's only Brexit negotiator, the leader of the European Conservatives and Reformists Syed Kamall said:
"If the parliament wishes to appoint a Brexit negotiator then it must be a decision made by a majority of all 751 MEPs, and the person and persons to fulfil the role must be voted on by the full parliament.

European court threat to anti-terror deal

08-Sep-2016 @ 13:00

The European Court of Justice’s adviser has delivered an irresponsible piece of advice that would strip the EU-Canada counter-terror Passenger Name Records (PNR) agreement of most of its value.

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Conservative MEP begins campaign to tackle wildlife trafficking.

02-Sep-2016 @ 14:30

A report proposing how international trade agreements could be used to combat wildlife trafficking will be introduced in the European Parliament by a Conservative MEP in December.

Conservative MEP takes the title Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate.

02-Sep-2016 @ 13:30


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EC told to think again on investor standards

01-Sep-2016 @ 16:30

Poor technical standards that could hurt high street investors have been rejected today by the European Parliament’s economics committee.

Duncan: Brexit is an opportunity for the fishing industry

26-Aug-2016 @ 13:45

Brexit presents a significant opportunity for the UK fishing industry, according to Conservative Fisheries spokesman Ian Duncan MEP.

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