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Ashley Fox: Travelling circus a symbol of all that's wrong with the EU

05-Jul-2017 @ 14:00

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani is being urged to intervene to help end the parliament's costly "travelling circus" between Brussels and Strasbourg. The cross party Single Seat Group, headed by Conservative MEP Ashley Fox, wants Mr Tajani to raise the matter with the European Council, which would have to initiate the treaty change required to stop the monthly trips. Having two parliamentary seats costs EU taxpayers an estimated €114 million a year.

The EU accelerates moves towards an EU army

04-Jul-2017 @ 18:00

The EU is now accelerating its moves towards an EU Army, building on the European Commission’s Reflection Paper on the Future of European Defence.Speaking in the European Parliament today, UK Conservative Defence Spokesman, Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, commented: “Mrs Mogherini, the putative EU Foreign & Defence Minister, talks as if we are all starting from scratch on defence and it’s now all up to the EU. While her colleagues deny the ambition for an EU Army, she talks as if it already exists, referring to the activities of “men and women in EU uniform under the EU flag.

New rules to improve global tax transparency

04-Jul-2017 @ 12:00

Conservative MEPs have welcomed new legislation that aims to tackle corporate tax avoidance by large multinationals in the EU.

Syed Kamall's statement on today's start to Brexit negotiations

19-Jun-2017 @ 12:00

As negotiations begin today on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union Syed Kamall, Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, said: “The start of negotiations today is important for both the UK and the EU. A calm, constructive, and cooperative approach to talks is what will bring about the most progress in the coming weeks and months.

Ashley Fox MEP welcomes today's start to Brexit negotiations

19-Jun-2017 @ 09:00

Ashley Fox, leader of Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament, welcomes today’s start to Brexit negotiations. He said: “Today the UK Government begins negotiating our departure from the European Union.

EU must encourage digital innovation, say Conservative MEPs

16-Jun-2017 @ 12:00

Supporting the growth of online platforms in Europe is the aim of proposals published today by Conservative MEPs.

Good news for travellers as roaming charges end today

15-Jun-2017 @ 09:00

Good news as roaming charges end across the EU today. Conservative MEPs, who have strongly supported this move in the European Parliament, welcome the end to shock phone bills for people travelling to other EU countries from the UK.

Karim: Bangladesh must do more to protect garment workers

14-Jun-2017 @ 14:00

Rights for Bangladesh's 4.2 million garment workers must improve if the country is to maintain its tariff-free access to the EU, Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim warned today.

Making it easier to buy energy efficient appliances

13-Jun-2017 @ 15:15

Consumers will find it easier to choose energy efficient products such as cookers and fridges under new EU labelling rules supported today by Conservative MEPs.

Conservative call for action on statelessness

13-Jun-2017 @ 13:00

Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir's call to end statelessness in South & South East Asia received overwhelming support in the European Parliament today. The vote comes as the situation for the world's largest group of stateless people, the Rohingyas, worsens and pressure builds for Myanmar to allow a UN fact-finding mission into the country to investigate abuses. Mr Bashir's report calls on the international community, including the EU and UN, to do more to put an end to the denial of citizenship rights in the world's most problematic region for statelessness, South and South East Asia.

Future of European Defence proposals undermine NATO

07-Jun-2017 @ 16:00

Responding to the European Commission’s Paper on the Future of European Defence, Conservative Defence & Security Spokesman, Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, said: “The European Commission’s proposals show once again that the EU is on an ego trip, motivated by its own ambitions rather than security needs.

The bogus link between foreign policy and domestic terrorism

31-May-2017 @ 14:00

Mr Van Orden, a former senior British military officer, said: “If you are constantly being told that the British state is deliberately attacking innocent Muslim women and children, it would not be surprising if you became angry. But this narrative doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. It is false.

MEPs' mission has boosted EU-Indonesia trade talks

24-May-2017 @ 17:30

A major trade deal between the EU and Indonesia has edged closer following a visit by members of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee.

Breakthrough for online TV and music subscribers

18-May-2017 @ 12:00

Subscribers to services such as Sky Now TV and Netflix will soon be able watch programmes while abroad following a vote today backed by Conservative MEPs.

MEPs back call for greater checks on the EU by national parliaments

17-May-2017 @ 13:00

MEPs have backed measures that call for national parliaments' to have a greater say on EU legislation.

Ashley Fox: Let's work together to build a new relationship

17-May-2017 @ 10:00

The European Union should not seek money from Britain during the Brexit negotiations simply to cover its own budgetary failures, UK Conservative delegation leader Ashley Fox told MEPs today.

Strong response needed to LGBTI persecution in Chechnya

15-May-2017 @ 15:00

Persecution of gay men in Chechnya must be met with a strong response from the European Union, Conservative MEPs insist.

Conservative MEPs' bid to change "confused" broadcasting rules

13-May-2017 @ 11:00

European Parliament proposals to revise TV broadcasting rules could weaken consumer protection, threaten freedom of speech and increase red tape, say Conservative MEPs.

Court opinion poses threat to Uber and Airbnb

11-May-2017 @ 11:45

The future of internet-based services such as Uber and Airbnb has been thrown into doubt by an opinion issued today by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

New tool to protect bees should be rolled out across Europe

10-May-2017 @ 16:00

A new website currently being used in Britain which allows farmers to warn beekeepers when they spray insecticide could help protect bees across Europe.