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Amjad Bashir

Spokesman on Small Businesses

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Foreign Affairs; Human Rights; Employment and Social Affairs

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​Five Key areas to transform the Digital Single Market in the European Union

24 Jun 2015 @ 1:0

The Digital Single Market is an important step in the modernisation of the European economy.

"Two cheers" for EU legal opinion on benefits

26 Mar 2015 @ 18:30

 Anthea McIntyre MEP today cautiously welcomed new legal advice issued to the European Court of Justice on benefit rules.

AMBER Alert: The Campaign For Improvement

20 May 2015 @ 01:00

Each year one million children go missing or are abducted in Europe. 76% of those children are killed within three hours of the abduction.

Ashworth: Budget compromise fails to address the big problems

17 Dec 2014 @ 13:00

Conservative MEPs today opposed a compromise budget package for the European Union.

Bashir critical of EU's Drax investigation

05 Jan 2016 @ 15:30

Yorkshire's Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir today hit out at the announcement of an EU "state aid" investigation into the future of Drax Power Station.

Bashir: Rohingya refugees need international guarantees

16 Feb 2018 @ 15:00

Rohingya refugees cannot safely return to their homes without international guarantees and monitoring, Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir said today after visiting Myanmar.

Bashir: The suffering of stateless people cannot be denied

11 Apr 2017 @ 10:00

Today the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee backed Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir's call to end statelessness that leaves millions vulnerable to persecution.

Bashir: Violence and discrimination against the Rohingyas must end

15 Dec 2016 @ 13:00

Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir has stepped up his campaign to help millions of stateless people who often face violence, discrimination and are denied access to work and healthcare.

The Yorkshire and Humber MEP, who earlier this month published a report urging more help for stateless individuals, was the lead negotiator for today's European Parliament debate on the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. The Rohingyas are one of the most persecuted people in the world and have been stateless since the Burmese nationality law was introduced in 1982, denying them citizenship. In recent weeks the Burmese military has intensified its crackdown on the Rohingya living in Rakhine state, where most of them live.

Boost in the fight against terrorism as EU passenger records agreement backed by MEPs

15 Jul 2015 @ 17:0

A critical EU counter-terror system is a step closer to reality after a committee of MEPs today gave MEP Timothy Kirkhope’s proposals their backing.

British MEP stripped of responsibility for visa-free travel plans amid row over Gibraltar

01 Apr 2019 @ 17:45

A British MEP has today been stripped of responsibility for processing a technical piece of no deal Brexit visa legislation that has been hijacked by the Spanish Government pushing their claims on Gibraltar. UK Conservative delegation leader and MEP for Gibraltar Ashley Fox has condemned the decision as further unnecessary posturing from Spain and their MEPs. The draft laws form part of the EU’s no deal Brexit preparations, and the European Commission has proposed a tweak to existing visa legislation to allow British travellers to benefit from visa travel. However, on the insistence of the Spanish Government, EU Member States added a footnote in the legislation referring to Gibraltar as a ‘Colony of the British Crown’.

Call to action on Missing Children's Day

22 May 2015 @ 17:00

 If you do one thing on Bank Holiday Monday – make sure you sign up to the international alert system that saves children's lives.

Campaign to cut EU red tape gains momentum

17 Mar 2015 @ 15:30

The campaign to remove red tape and cut EU bureaucracy secured a major victory today when supporters won a series of votes in the European Parliament's committee for the Single Market.

Coming up this year: protecting the environment and wildlife, making Europe safer and triggering Article 50

10 Jan 2017 @ 14:00

Conservative MEPs have returned to the European Parliament this week to a busy agenda. The many issues they will be working on in the coming months include:

Commission proposals on VAT rules a step in the right direction

06 May 2015 @ 12:45

Conservative MEPs have given a cautious welcome to proposals from the European Commission to ease the burden on microbusinesses caused by cross-border EU VAT rules.

Commission tax plans threaten national sovereignty, say Conservative MEPs

17 Jun 2015 @ 16:30

Conservative MEPs have criticised an attempt by the European Commission to re-launch plans for a so-called Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB). 

Compulsory spy-in-the-car system bad for road safety

28 Apr 2015 @ 14:30

Conservative MEPs today (Tues) are opposing EU legislation which would force all cars to include controversial satellite-tracking technology that broadcasts a locator signal in the event of an accident.

Conservative call for action on statelessness

13 Jun 2017 @ 13:00

Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir's call to end statelessness in South & South East Asia received overwhelming support in the European Parliament today.

The vote comes as the situation for the world's largest group of stateless people, the Rohingyas, worsens and pressure builds for Myanmar to allow a UN fact-finding mission into the country to investigate abuses. Mr Bashir's report calls on the international community, including the EU and UN, to do more to put an end to the denial of citizenship rights in the world's most problematic region for statelessness, South and South East Asia.

Conservative MEP heads off "crazy" regulation of washing up gloves and umbrellas

23 Apr 2015 @ 12:15

Meddling EU plans to regulate everyday household items such as umbrellas and washing up gloves in the same way as industrial safety equipment have been blocked.

Conservative MEP secures debate on Rohingya slaughter

15 Nov 2017 @ 16:30

Conservative MEP Amjad Bashir has secured an extraordinary debate in the European Parliament into the ongoing persecution of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims.

Conservative MEP welcomes European Court ruling on benefits

14 Jun 2016 @ 01:00

The European Court of Justice has ruled today that Britain has a right to protect its public finances from benefits tourism by imposing tests on EU citizens moving there and claiming benefits.

Conservative Employment Spokesman in the European Parliament, Anthea McIntyre MEP welcomed the ruling, which rejected a challenge from the European Commission. They had questioned whether the UK's decision to introduce a “right to reside” test for a number of social security benefits such as Child benefit, Child Tax Credit and Income Support was discriminatory. However, the court today upheld the UK's argument that non-active people coming to the UK must have sufficient resources to not become a burden on the UK's social security schemes.

Conservative MEPs back final deal to end mobile roaming charges

27 Oct 2015 @ 13:45

Mobile phone roaming will end in July 2017 and will be significantly cut next summer in an agreement on telecoms laws backed by MEPs today, with the support of Conservative MEPs

Conservative MEPs back UK Steel's call for EU action

21 Dec 2015 @ 12:30

Conservative MEPs today backed UK Steel's call for immediate action by the European Union to help the British steel industry.

Conservative MEPs' bid to change "confused" broadcasting rules

13 May 2017 @ 11:00

European Parliament proposals to revise TV broadcasting rules could weaken consumer protection, threaten freedom of speech and increase red tape, say Conservative MEPs.

Conservative MEPs condemn Labour support for EU power grab

08 Jul 2015 @ 12:15

Conservative MEPs will today oppose a report calling for more tax harmonisation at an EU level and for Britain to be subjected to a regular report on its tax affairs for the consideration of Eurocrats.

Conservative MEPs lead call for greater budgetary discipline

29 Apr 2015 @ 16:45

Conservative MEPs have today refused to discharge the 2013 accounts of EU institutions, as the Commission continues to show no sign of applying proper budgetary discipline.

Conservative MEPs reject proposals for more EU tax harmonisation

26 Mar 2015 @ 18:30

Conservative MEPs have opposed a report calling for more tax harmonisation at an EU level.

The report - supported by Labour, Lib Dem and SNP MEPs - calls for the EU to be given more powers to enforce a compulsory Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base, and endorses a Financial Transaction tax.

Conservative MEPs secure EU support for small businesses over VAT rules

25 Mar 2015 @ 19:45

Conservative MEPs have won an assurance from a leading EU Commissioner over the party's campaign to ensure new VAT rules do not have an adverse impact on micro-enterprises.

Frans Timmermans, effectively President Jean-Claude Juncker's number two in the Commission, promised that the new rules would be examined to head off any harm to small digital companies through unintended consequences.

The so-called VATmoss rules mean that, from January 1st this year, businesses have had to collect VAT for each individual country they sell to, and keep the records of all their transactions for years.

The rules were brought in to stop big companies from abusing international tax rules, but unfortunately lawmakers did not foresee the emergence of digital micro-businesses, such as the sellers of e-books.

Conservative MEPs - backed by Prime Minister David Cameron - have been lobbying the Commissio! n to introduce a threshold, to ensure the new rules do not create extra burdens for micro-enterprises.

The Commission initially sought to blame national governments, and in a debate with the European Commission in Brussels today, Conservative MEP for the East Midlands Andrew Lewer commented: "When it comes to people raising concerns about obstacles, the Commission simply blames someone else".

However responding to Mr Lewer's concerns, Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans promised to evaluate the effects of the new rules, saying "We would never want this legislation to have adverse effects on small entrepreneurs who are often at the cutting edge of creating new employment".

Conservative MEP for London, Syed Kamall, welcomed the change in heart of the Commission and said "I think we finally have a glimmer of hope for the many small businesses who have been so badly affected by this rule change."

Conservative MEPs table question to European Commission on steel

09 Nov 2015 @ 17:30

Conservative MEPs have tabled an Oral Question to the European Commission on the situation in the steel sector, ahead of today's extraordinary meeting of EU Ministers to discuss the crisis.

Conservative MEPs welcome increased access to finance for small businesses

10 Dec 2015 @ 19:0

A new plan that will guarantee loans to small businesses in the UK has been welcomed by Conservative MEPs.

Conservative MEPs win campaign to axe 17 million pieces of red-tape a year

27 Jan 2016 @ 16:30

Plans to impose "burdensome, costly and time consuming" red-tape on consumers and courier companies have been avoided after a sustained campaign by two Conservative MEPs.

The European Commission was asking for paperwork for every package that comes into the EU.

However, following an intervention by East of England MEP Vicky Ford and Daniel Dalton West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton, packages with a value of £17 or €22 and under will now be exempt.

This is an estimated 17 million packages a year. The MEPs warned that it would lead to higher prices and adversely affect small courier and delivery firms who would have been ‘swamped’ with paperwork.

“The proposals were burdensome, time-consuming and unworkable. It would have reduced the incentive to trade and the costs would have been passed onto consumers in the form of higher prices" said Mr Dalton.

Mrs Ford added, “It is another victory for common sense as what we need is simpler, less bureaucratic and more effective customer systems and this was not."

Conservative transport spokesman wins support over Gibraltar vote

09 Sep 2015 @ 15:30

Conservative MEPs have won the backing of fellow parliamentarians for deleting a needless reference to Gibraltar in a report on EU transport policy.

Conservatives back better labelling on processed food

11 Feb 2015 @ 13:0

The European Parliament today called on the Commission to introduce new measures to improve labelling on foodstuffs containing processed meat. The measures, if pursued by the European Commission, would oblige producers of processed products such as lasagne and cottage pies to give clear information on labels about the country of origin of the meat content.

Conservatives call for more detail on EU plans to cut reliance on Russian Gas

25 Feb 2015 @ 15:45

British Conservative Energy Spokesman Ian Duncan MEP has welcomed today's European Commission announcement on the creation of an 'Energy Union' but has called for greater clarity about how new infrastructure will be funded, and in particular the support that will be available for a North Sea Electricity grid to connect neighbouring markets.

Conservatives call for sound sense on conflict minerals, not grandstanding

20 May 2015 @ 16:45

Eye-catching headlines are no substitute for sound legislation and a measured approach, Conservatives warned in Strasbourg today as MEPs voted on the issue of so-called conflict minerals.

Conservatives dismayed by European Court's visa verdict

18 Dec 2014 @ 10:30

Conservative MEPs today expressed dismay over a European Court of Justice ruling rejecting Britain's visa policy for foreign spouses of EU citizens.

Conservatives move to protect North Sea Rigs from costly EU rules

04 Mar 2015 @ 10:0

British Conservative Energy Spokesman Dr Ian Duncan MEP has intervened to halt the European Commission adding substantial financial burden to the UK's hard pressed offshore oil and gas industry.

Conservatives put correct focus on panorama photographs

07 Jul 2015 @ 18:45

Conservative MEPs will this week vote to delete controversial clauses from proposed legislation which threatened to ban people from photographing and sharing pictures of landmark buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or Houses of Parliament.

Fears were voiced over a controversial clause in a report on copyright which said commercial use of photographs or video of "works...permanently located in...public spaces" should always be subject to prior authorisation.

Court ruling strengthens Cameron's hand

15 Sep 2015 @ 12:00

A European court ruling seen as a boost to Britain's renegotiation strategy has been upheld.

Dalton: Deal on seal trade ban will protect Inuit way of life and meet WTO rules

25 Jun 2015 @ 17:0

The European Conservatives and Reformists have backed a deal on the future of the EU's ban on the trade of seal products.

Drax biomass go-ahead welcomed by Conservative MEP

19 Dec 2016 @ 15:30

Today's decision by the European Commission to approve support for the conversion of a unit at Drax Power Station in Yorkshire from coal to biomass has been welcomed by the local Conservative MEP.

Duncan – Scottish Government breaking EU fishing law

21 May 2015 @ 11:0

Ian Duncan MEP has demanded an urgent explanation from the Scottish Government over their refusal to store and transport discarded fish. Ian has been informed by the Shetland Fishermen´s Association that Marine Scotland deny financial responsibility, claiming that it is for fishermen to dispose of the fish, despite it being written into EU Law.  

The Discard ban was brought in at the start of this year as part of reforms to the EU's Common Fisheries Policy, and aims to resolve issues around the storage of fish that cannot be sold. Last month Ian brought forward an amendment to the ban, backed by the European Parliament´s Fisheries Committee, giving fishermen a two-year "grace period" to adapt to the ban. 

The Discard ban also requires that

Duncan champions EU support for Energy Free Trade Zone in North Sea

19 Mar 2015 @ 11:15


Duncan condemns 'stupid and insulting' report on over-fishing

27 Mar 2015 @ 12:45

The Conservative fisheries spokesman in the European Parliament today vigorously defended British fishermen after a European think-tank accused the UK of overfishing and endangering fish stocks.

Ian Duncan, Conservative MEP for Scotland, condemned a report by the New Economics Foundation which claimed the UK was the worst offender in Europe for over-fishing, calling for a public apology and retraction.

Duncan Welcomes Agreement on Carbon Market Reform

06 May 2015 @ 9:30

Conservative Energy Spokesman Ian Duncan MEP has welcomed an agreement being reached on the market stability reserve (MSR).

Duncan: Plan B needed following alcohol minimum pricing ruling

23 Dec 2015 @ 11:0

Ian Duncan, the Conservative MEP for Scotland, has reacted to the ruling by the European Court of Justice that introducing a Minimum Unit Price for Alcohol in Scotland would be in breach of EU Law.

This follows a challenge to the Scottish Government's plans by the Scotch Whisky Association.

Equality, yes – EU social engineering, no

09 Jun 2015 @ 14:15

"Nobody disagrees with equality, but this is patronising to women and pushes Europe's powers into areas where they should not be allowed."

EU Fisheries Council delivers a positive result for UK fishermen

14 Dec 2016 @ 10:30

Conservative Fisheries spokesman Ian Duncan MEP has welcomed the results of the annual fish quota talks in Brussels which today delivered increase in quota for many key stocks for the Scottish fleet.

EU Fishing Committee ‘overwhelmingly' backs Duncan Discard plan

10 Mar 2015 @ 14:0

In a near unanimous vote the European Parliament’s Fishing Committee has backed Ian Duncan MEP’s plan for a workable fish discard ban.

EU plans to protect steel industry could spark trade war

14 Dec 2015 @ 8:0

New proposals to protect the European steel industry from imports are possibly illegal, would almost certainly not work and risk provoking a trade war with China.

Unless last minute changes are made, Conservative MEPs will on Wednesday vote against a report to the European Parliament proposing to introduce a complex system of border measures on imported steel, aluminium and other base metals based on the amount of carbon emitted during their production.

EU survey discovers most people go on holiday in summer

25 Jun 2015 @ 14:45

The EU appears to have spent taxpayers' money on a detailed study whose chief finding is that most people take their holidays in the summer months.

EU-Norway fish talks: Norwegian negotiators outfox EU

05 Dec 2016 @ 14:00

Conservative Fisheries spokesman Ian Duncan MEP has criticised the EU for buckling to Norwegian demands over access to North Sea fisheries.

European Commission responds to public concerns over TTIP

16 Sep 2015 @ 13:45

The European Commission has rightfully responded to people's concerns over an element of the EU-US trade agreement, TTIP, in putting forward a blueprint for a modernised system, according to MEP Emma McClarkin.

European Parliament agrees to reach Passenger Name Records agreement this year

11 Feb 2015 @ 15:30

In a wide-ranging resolution on the EU’s response to the terror threat, a majority in the European Parliament has determined to reach an agreement on Timothy Kirkhope’s report on EU Passenger Name Records (PNR) before the end of the year.

Eurozone attack on City of London is ruled illegal

04 Mar 2015 @ 13:0

The European Court of Justice today issued a judgment which rules as illegal an attempt by the European Central Bank to force British companies managing trades in euros, rather than pound sterling, to relocate to Eurozone countries.

Fish discard ban catastrophe headed off by Conservatives

11 Dec 2015 @ 16:0

Following Conservative pressure, the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee has reversed its decision of yesterday which would have introduced the discard ban for North Sea cod a year early.

Foster leads call for robust action against wildlife crime

21 Oct 2015 @ 16:15

The EU must take more robust action to tackle international wildlife crime, the Deputy Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Jacqueline Foster, has said.

Foster warns against over-regulation in major speech on aeronautics industries

14 Oct 2015 @ 11:30

Deputy leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Jacqueline Foster, has used a major speech in Brussels today to warn of the dangers of over-regulation by the EU in the aeronautics sector.

Foster: Rules on civil use of drones need to be light-touch and safety-focused

14 Jul 2015 @ 14:30

Conservative Transport Spokesman Jacqueline Foster has today presented her draft report on the safe use of remotely piloted aircraft systems – or drones – for non-military use.

Fox lashes costly EU lobbying over death penalty

25 Sep 2015 @ 12:0


Leading Conservative MEP Ashley Fox today condemned Brussels officials after it emerged they had spent millions of pounds lobbying American politicians to drop the death penalty.

Fox on Greece: Nobody wins if we have a dishonest fudge

13 Jul 2015 @ 13:45

Ashley Fox, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs, called for caution following today's announcement of a "deal" in Brussels on Greece.

Fox to Tsipras: Go for an orderly exit - not the martyrdom of expulsion

08 Jul 2015 @ 11:45

The Greek prime minister should concentrate on taking his country out of the euro in an orderly way – not engineering an expulsion to play the martyr.


Fox: Compulsory relocation of migrants will do nothing to help the most needy

17 Sep 2015 @ 12:30

The leader of the Conservative delegation in the European Parliament, Ashley Fox, has warned that proposals for compulsory relocation of refugees and migrants will do nothing to solve the current crisis.

Fox: Judges ruling on energy-saving defies common sense

04 Jun 2015 @ 12:15

Conservative MEPs have criticised a ruling by the European Court of Justice today banning Britain from cutting VAT on energy-saving materials.

Fox: We must wean ourselves off Russian gas

09 Jun 2015 @ 18:45

Europe's drive for energy security must include shale gas and nuclear power, MEPs were warned today.

Girling issues warning over proposed organic food rules

14 Oct 2015 @ 11:30

ECR MEP Julie Girling has strongly criticised a proposed revision to the rules on organic farming in the EU.

Girling: Commission must now scrap its dangerous plan on GM feed

13 Oct 2015 @ 9:45

A senior MEP today welcomed a decision by MEPs telling the EU Commission to think again over plans to let member states unilaterally ban animal feed made from genetically modified crops.

Girling: FGM more than just a big city problem

23 Sep 2015 @ 01:00

The horrific practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is a national problem – not one merely confined to inner cities, a Conservative MEP is warning.

Girling: Unreasonable targets could derail agreement on clean air rules and penalise farmers

15 Jul 2015 @ 15:0

ECR MEP Julie Girling, leading on air quality for the European Parliament, has criticised moves by left wing and liberal MEPs to undermine efforts to reach an achievable deal on new air emissions rules by voting through unrealistic targets.

The European Parliament's Environment and Public Health Committee voted today on Mrs Girling's report on the so-called National Emissions Ceiling Directive (NECD).

Girling: Withdrawal of burdensome maternity leave proposals a welcome move

01 Jul 2015 @ 18:15

Conservative MEPs have welcomed today's confirmation by the European Commission that the proposed maternity leave directive is to be withdrawn.

The directive was first put forward in 2008, but has faced deadlock for the past five years, due to a lack of agreement between the European Parliament and national governments.

Green lobby endangers science-based policy making

03 Feb 2015 @ 17:45

The former chief scientific adviser to the European Commission has hit out at environmental groups, accusing them of using "fabricated" claims to get the post scrapped.

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