Daniel Dalton MEP

West Midlands

Daniel Dalton

Consumer Protection Spokesman

Parliamentary Committees:
Internal Market and Consumer Protection; Transport and Tourism; Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

Parliamentary Delegations:
EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee; Relations with Switzerland and Norway and to the EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee and the European Economic Area (EEA) Joint Parliamentary Committee; Relations with Canada

Parliamentary Activities:
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4 Things We’ve Done To Protect Our Environment

25 Jul 2018 @ 12:00

In the European Parliament, Conservative MEPs have been leading efforts to protect our environment and combat climate change. Here are just four things we've done:

Call to supend EU-US Privacy Shield is reckless

25 Oct 2018 @ 14:00

Citizens and businesses will be left in legal limbo if the European Commission acts on MEPs’ calls to suspend the EU-US Privacy shield, warned Conservative Consumer Affairs Spokesman Daniel Dalton MEP today. He was speaking following a vote in the European Parliament today on a resolution that was initially intended to look into on the misuse of Facebook users’ data by Cambridge Analytica.

Compulsory spy-in-the-car system bad for road safety

28 Apr 2015 @ 14:30

Conservative MEPs today (Tues) are opposing EU legislation which would force all cars to include controversial satellite-tracking technology that broadcasts a locator signal in the event of an accident.

Conservative consumer rights proposals backed by MEPs

22 Jan 2019 @ 13:15

New EU-wide sanctions which could see heavy fines imposed on firms which breach consumer rights are included in a Conservative report backed by MEPs today. The legislation, being piloted through the European Parliament by Conservative Consumer Affairs spokesman Daniel Dalton MEP, also specifies that money from fines must be used to benefit consumers or offset any damage caused by the breach.

Conservative MEP says "protectionist" vote will hit business

21 Mar 2018 @ 14:00

MEPs chose protectionism

Measures which would have made it easier for companies to work across the European Union have been rejected today in a move branded protectionist by a senior Conservative MEP.

Conservative MEP to lead emissions scandal clean up

09 Feb 2016 @ 16:30

Conservative MEP Daniel Dalton is to oversee a revision of laws governing how cars are approved, in the wake of the emissions scandal, it has been announced.

Conservative MEP unveils new consumer rights proposals

03 Sep 2018 @ 01:00

An App providing a single source of advice and dispute resolution is the centrepiece of new EU consumer protection rules unveiled today by Conservative MEP Daniel Dalton.

It would bring together several existing services and enable users to easily access the help they require.

Conservative MEPs back new measures to tackle cross-border scams

14 Nov 2017 @ 13:00

Steps to improve co-operation between national consumer protection authorities have been backed by Conservative MEPs today.

Conservative MEPs help see off threat to UK motorsport

22 Jan 2019 @ 14:15

A threat to UK motorsport was headed off today after MEPs backed a Conservative call to amend an overhaul of the EU's motor insurance rules. The vote means that motorsport will be exempt from a directive detailing which vehicles must be insured, and in what circumstances.

Conservative MEP's report would close crime fighting loophole

20 Nov 2017 @ 14:00

Plans to close a loophole which hampers the sharing of criminal records between EU Member States have been unveiled.

Conservative MEPs welcome crackdown on "despicable" fake medicine trade

10 Feb 2016 @ 13:45

New  EU measures targeting the multi-million euro counterfeit medicines trade have been welcomed by Conservative MEPs.

Conservative MEPs win campaign to axe 17 million pieces of red-tape a year

27 Jan 2016 @ 16:30

Plans to impose "burdensome, costly and time consuming" red-tape on consumers and courier companies have been avoided after a sustained campaign by two Conservative MEPs.

The European Commission was asking for paperwork for every package that comes into the EU.

However, following an intervention by East of England MEP Vicky Ford and Daniel Dalton West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton, packages with a value of £17 or €22 and under will now be exempt.

This is an estimated 17 million packages a year. The MEPs warned that it would lead to higher prices and adversely affect small courier and delivery firms who would have been ‘swamped’ with paperwork.

“The proposals were burdensome, time-consuming and unworkable. It would have reduced the incentive to trade and the costs would have been passed onto consumers in the form of higher prices" said Mr Dalton.

Mrs Ford added, “It is another victory for common sense as what we need is simpler, less bureaucratic and more effective customer systems and this was not."

Conservatives welcome success of online fake goods crackdown

29 Nov 2017 @ 13:00

The success of a crackdown on internet sites selling counterfeit goods proves more EU legislation is not always the answer.

Court opinion poses threat to Uber and Airbnb

11 May 2017 @ 11:45

The future of internet-based services such as Uber and Airbnb has been thrown into doubt by an opinion issued today by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Dalton – EU single market in services remains "a mirage"

22 Nov 2018 @ 01:00

Today's European Commission report on the Single Market exposes the reluctance of some countries and political groups to support the EU's flagship project.

Dalton: "Car makers trying to cheat emissions tests will be found out."

07 Dec 2017 @ 12:00

Tough new measures to prevent a repeat of the vehicle emissions scandal have been approved by the European Union.

Dalton: Any action must make a difference in Hungary

15 Sep 2018 @ 09:00

Conservative Home Affairs Spokesman Daniel Dalton MEP has issued the following statement:

Dalton: Deal on seal trade ban will protect Inuit way of life and meet WTO rules

25 Jun 2015 @ 17:0

The European Conservatives and Reformists have backed a deal on the future of the EU's ban on the trade of seal products.

Dalton: EU-wide protection is good news for digital consumers

21 Nov 2017 @ 14:15

EU-wide rules protecting people who buy digital content across borders today cleared an important hurdle today in the European Parliament.

Dalton: It's time for real reform to end FIFA corruption

11 Jun 2015 @ 13:30

Conservative MEPs are leading calls for a proper clean-up of football's world governing body, following months of damning allegations about corruption.

Speaking in a European Parliament debate in Strasbourg, West Midlands MEP Dan Dalton said that the decision by Sepp Blatter to resign is a welcome move, but that this should only be the start of a full deep-clean of FIFA.

If it becomes clear that the 2018 and 2022 tournaments were awarded due to corrupt practices, then there should be no hesitation in re-awarding them.

Mr Dalton, a former professional sportsman, said: "The rotting core of the once beautiful game has finally exploded. The ensuing fallout is a painful but necessary cleansing process.

If we are to clean-up FIFA once and for all, we need to dig down and remove all the dirt, and find out whether corruption influenced the Russian and Qatari World Cup bids.

Whilst I welcome Blatter's resignation, he should go immediately for the sake of FIFA's credibility, to allow an open and unhindered process of reform".

Dalton: Sharing economy needs clarity to grow in Europe

02 Jun 2016 @ 16:30

New guidelines for start-ups like Uber and AirBnB published today by the European Commission generally move in the right direction towards providing start-ups and their customers with more clarity on their rights and obligations.

Dan Dalton: New proposals for tackling the migration crisis "waste precious time".

19 Oct 2017 @ 09:00

New plans to tackle the migration crisis will have the opposite effect and risk more refugees falling into the hands of people smugglers, Conservative MEPs believe.

Digital Single Market is central to our future prosperity

10 May 2017 @ 15:15

Conservatives have cautiously welcomed proposals today to further prioritise the development of the Digital Single Market (DSM).

Election must signal a new era for FIFA, say Conservative MEPs

26 Feb 2016 @ 1:0

Conservative MEPs say FIFA's new president Gianni Infantino will be judged on his ability to implement deep seated reform.

EU commission must not resort to digital protectionism over Netflix

19 May 2016 @ 13:30

Next week the European Commission is set to publish a revision of its Media Services Directive, which is expected to include a requirement for Netflix and other on-demand services to devote at least 20 per cent of their content to European works.

EU must be more ambitious to save cyclists' lives

11 Oct 2018 @ 13:30

Conservative MEPs are urging the EU to be more ambitious in its efforts to cut the number of cyclists and pedestrians dying in accidents involving lorries.

EU must encourage digital innovation, say Conservative MEPs

16 Jun 2017 @ 12:00

Supporting the growth of online platforms in Europe is the aim of proposals published today by Conservative MEPs.

EU must see if GDPR works before legislating again

25 May 2018 @ 09:00

The EU must adopt a wait and see approach after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) before introducing further legislation, Daniel Dalton MEP said today.

European Parliament approves measures to prevent another car emission scandal

04 Apr 2017 @ 13:00

Today the European Parliament backed new measures that will ensure vehicles continue to meet emissions and safety standards once out of the showroom.

The revised market surveillance rules aim to prevent another vehicle emissions scandal and restore consumer confidence in the car market. They place obligations on Member States to properly test the cars on their country’s roads and put in place oversight at all stages of the process.

Conservative MEP Daniel Dalton, who led the plan through the Parliament said: “Today’s vote will begin to restore confidence in our testing systems and in our car manufacturers.

“This new system replaces one which was at best patchy and at worst ineffective, allowing the car emissions scandal to be undetected for so long. Any manufacturer who wants to try and cheat the system are now very likely to be caught with the combination of these new measures, combined with the real driving emissions tests for new cars passed by the European Parliament last year.”

Under the new measures, Member States will be required to test 20 per cent of the car models on sale in the country each year. These will be of various ages to ensure that the vehicle still meets minimum standards while in use.

The report also introduces greater oversight, with Member States having to submit their surveillance plans to the European Commission for approval and an independent review system being created. The Commission will be able to undertake its own testing when necessary, issue recalls and levy fines on manufacturers in the event of failures.

West Midlands MEP Mr Dalton added: “These new rules make sure that the cars on our roads are as safe and as clean as manufacturers claim them to be. They leave us in a strong position to enter trilogue talks with the European Commission and Council."

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford, who chairs the Internal Market Committee, welcomed the Parliament’s approval.

She said: “These reforms will restore consumer trust when buying a car; the single largest purchase most people ever make. They mean we can now detect if a car isn't meeting standards once on the road and allow us to hold manufacturers to account."    

"Achieving this deal was no small feat and it is significant that it was led by a British negotiator. I hope that the new relationship between the UK and the EU post Brexit will enable continued practical co-operation on issues of this nature."

Free online Services endangered by new ePrivacy rules

19 Oct 2017 @ 10:45

New online privacy proposals backed today by MEPs would stifle innovation and threaten the availability of free online services people currently take for granted.

Gibraltar vote is unacceptable and undermines the EU

04 Apr 2019 @ 12:00

A European Parliament vote today calling for a "solution" to the sovereignty of Gibraltar undermines the EU's position as a defender of democracy, self-determination and human rights.

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