Emma McClarkin MEP

East Midlands

Emma McClarkin

Member of the ECR Bureau; Treasurer; International Trade Spokesman

Parliamentary Committees:
International Trade; Internal Market and Consumer Protection; Culture and Education

Parliamentary Delegations:
Cariforum — EU Parliamentary Committee

Parliamentary Activities:
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"Mixed results" from EU meeting on arrested ski instructors

26 Feb 2014 @ 18:0

Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin today appealed directly to EU Commissioner Michel Barnier to intervene in the case of seven British ski instructors arrested in France.

4 Things We’ve Done To Improve Animal Welfare

18 Jul 2018 @ 12:00

In the European Parliament, Conservative MEPs have been leading efforts to improve animal welfare and protect the world’s wildlife for future generations. Here are just four things we’ve done:

Backing for plan to tackle wildlife trafficking

24 Jan 2017 @ 14:15

Proposals by Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin on how trade policy to be used to tackle wildlife trafficking cleared an important hurdle today.

CETA: Conservatives welcome agreement but regret delay

27 Oct 2016 @ 13:30

Responding to the news that the Belgian government has finally reached an agreement on the CETA EU-Canada trade deal, Conservative International Trade joint spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP said: "It makes you wonder why they dragged this out so long. Justin Trudeau could have been in Brussels signing this agreement today with fanfare. Instead he has cancelled his trip with a bad taste in his mouth.

"The credibility of the EU on global trade deals is in tatters following this debacle. CETA is one of the highest quality agreements ever negotiated, with a country that has values and standards very similar to our own. Other countries will now ask whether it is worth the time and effort conducting such deals with the EU. We need to show them that the EU can be a reliable trade partner."

Cheaper TVs, video game consoles, IT and hospital equipment on the way thanks to world trade deal

17 Dec 2015 @ 01:00

An agreement finalised last night at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which will see cheaper high tech products on our shelves by removing tariffs, has been welcomed by European Conservatives and Reformists trade spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP.

Conflict minerals regulation ensures household items do not support war

23 Nov 2016 @ 11:45

Conservative MEPs have helped secure a well-balanced approach towards preventing trade of certain minerals that might fund conflict in high risk zones around the world.

While the EU is working on a system that would encourage importers not to use minerals that are likely to finance conflicts, the Left originally pushed through a mechanism that would have a de facto embargo effect on conflict regions, leading to the possible closure of mines and denying innocent miners and their families of their livelihoods, while not having any significant effect at reducing conflict.

Conservative MEP begins campaign to tackle wildlife trafficking.

02 Sep 2016 @ 14:30

A report proposing how international trade agreements could be used to combat wildlife trafficking will be introduced in the European Parliament by a Conservative MEP in December.

Conservative MEPs back call by HRH The Duke of Cambridge to end the illegal wildlife trade

23 Sep 2016 @ 14:00

Conservative MEPs Emma McClarkin and Julie Girling today backed HRH The Duke of Cambridge as he called for the end of the illegal wildlife trade.

Conservative MEPs back UK Steel's call for EU action

21 Dec 2015 @ 12:30

Conservative MEPs today backed UK Steel's call for immediate action by the European Union to help the British steel industry.

Conservative MEPs demand EU action on steel

18 Jan 2016 @ 17:45


Conservative MEPs table question to European Commission on steel

09 Nov 2015 @ 17:30

Conservative MEPs have tabled an Oral Question to the European Commission on the situation in the steel sector, ahead of today's extraordinary meeting of EU Ministers to discuss the crisis.

Conservative MEPs urge rethink on funding for key regional transport scheme

03 Sep 2015 @ 01:00

Conservative MEPs from East Anglia and the Midlands are challenging the European Commission for rejecting a funding bid to help shift millions of tons of freight from road to rail in their regions.

Conservative MEPs welcome announcement on EU-Australia trade negotiations

16 Nov 2015 @ 18:0

Conservative MEPs have welcomed the news that EU and Australian leaders have opened the way for talks on a free trade agreement.

Conservative MEPs welcome EU-Vietnam free trade agreement

05 Aug 2015 @ 15:00

Conservative MEPs have warmly welcomed the announcement that the EU and Vietnam have agreed an ambitious free trade agreement (FTA), after almost three years of negotiations.

Conservative MEPs welcome Prime Minister’s commitment on TTIP

17 Nov 2014 @ 14:0

Conservatives in the European Parliament today hailed a pledge by the Prime Minister's to put "rocket boosters" behind the planned EU-US trade deal.

Conservative MEPs: Supporting the British steel industry

26 Nov 2015 @ 01:00

The Background

Conservative MEPs: Supporting the British steel industry

The British steel industry is facing unprecedented pressures following the financial crash of 2008, and - as in the rest of Europe - large scale job losses and closures have taken place. In the UK this has included the closure of the SSI plant in Redcar and job losses at plants operated by Tata Steel.

Conservatives back scheme encouraging importers to stay away from "conflict minerals"

14 Apr 2015 @ 17:0

Conservative MEPs have today supported a certification system that would encourage importers not to use minerals that are likely to fund conflicts, such as in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Conservatives call for EU action to help the steel industry

16 Dec 2015 @ 17:0

Conservative MEPs have pledged to continue fighting for effective European action to help the steel industry after voting against proposed measures they fear could spark a trade war with China.

The European Parliament today approved a report calling for the introduction of a complex system of border measures on imported steel, aluminium and other base metals based on the amount of carbon emitted during their production.

Conservatives call for sound sense on conflict minerals, not grandstanding

20 May 2015 @ 16:45

Eye-catching headlines are no substitute for sound legislation and a measured approach, Conservatives warned in Strasbourg today as MEPs voted on the issue of so-called conflict minerals.

Conservatives calls for answers on EU-China steel discussions

01 Dec 2015 @ 14:15

International Trade Spokesman Emma McClarkin has urged the European Commission to provide answers over the state of talks between the EU and China on allegations of "dumping" in the steel sector.

The East Midlands MEP has tabled a so-called "priority question" to the European Commission, following reports that the US trade officials have set up a dialogue mechanism with their Chinese counterparts to discuss over-capacity.

The European Commission is being asked what interaction it has had with China over allegations that China has breached international trade rules by possibly flooding Europe with cheap imports.

Miss McClarkin said: "The British steel industry is facing unprecedented pressures, with many job losses and plant closures.

"I am concerned that the European Commission has been far too slow off the mark in investigating whether current anti-dumping measures need to be revised or strengthened.

"If the US can set up a formal dialogue with China on steel, then why can't the EU?

"At last week's Parliamentary debate in Strasbourg, the European Commission supported our calls for stronger anti-dumping measures, but it is now time for warm words to be backed up with real action to support our steel industry."

Conservatives condemn Labour bid to block Ghana trade agreement.

01 Dec 2016 @ 16:15

Conservative MEPs have backed a trade agreement which will boost economic growth in Ghana and protect jobs.

But they condemned an unsuccessful attempt by Labour MEPs to block the deal, accusing them putting ideological concerns ahead of the needs of Ghanaians.

Conservatives condemn Labour threat to EU-Canada trade deal.

22 Nov 2016 @ 16:30

Conservative MEPs have condemned a Labour attempt to delay implementation of the landmark EU-Canada trade deal.

The European Parliament will tomorrow vote on a motion calling for the deal, known as CETA, to be referred to the European Court of Justice for an opinion on its compatibility with EU treaties. If approved, the move could stop the deal being introduced for up to two years.

Conservatives praise greater openness in trade talks

30 Jan 2015 @ 13:15

Emma McClarkin MEP, Conservative trade spokesman in the European Parliament, today welcomed measures announced by the European Commission to boost transparency surrounding trade agreements.

She said the moves represented a major step in the right direction and a significant response to public concern over openness.

In a two-pronged initiative, Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom has urged the EU Council to make public its negotiating mandate on the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), and has also signed up the Commission itself to a transparency convention for existing Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement cases.  Miss McClarkin considers it vital that public reservations over transparency are addressed in order to ensure confidence.

She said:  "The huge value of such agreements cannot be underestimated.  That is why it is so important to take public opinion with us.

"A message has been sent about transparency and I am pleased to see it has been heard and acted upon. A clear lead has been given and it may now be time that individual EU governments could consider publishing in broad terms their own mandates on TiSA.

"You can't play all your cards face up in a negotiation like this, but you can be open with the public about certain priorities and preferences."

Election must signal a new era for FIFA, say Conservative MEPs

26 Feb 2016 @ 1:0

Conservative MEPs say FIFA's new president Gianni Infantino will be judged on his ability to implement deep seated reform.

EU acts on fire safety in wake of the Grenfell disaster

13 Sep 2017 @ 19:00

A system for pooling information on fire safety and sharing best practice is being established by the European Commission in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

EU must retain power to impose anti-dumping measures, say Conservative MEPs.

10 May 2016 @ 15:30

The EU must retain the power to take "timely, necessary and effective" action against anti-competitive practices as it shapes future trade arrangements with China, Conservative MEPs insisted today.

EU plans to protect steel industry could spark trade war

14 Dec 2015 @ 8:0

New proposals to protect the European steel industry from imports are possibly illegal, would almost certainly not work and risk provoking a trade war with China.

Unless last minute changes are made, Conservative MEPs will on Wednesday vote against a report to the European Parliament proposing to introduce a complex system of border measures on imported steel, aluminium and other base metals based on the amount of carbon emitted during their production.

EU should "lead by example" in response to US tariffs

31 May 2018 @ 20:00

Tariffs on EU steel and aluminium will fail to address global overcapacity and cost European citizens and businesses, says Conservative Joint International Trade spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP.

Responding to the White House's decision to impose tariffs Miss McClarkin said: "I am extremely disappointed that both the EU and the US did not find a permanent deal to exempt European businesses from the tariffs on steel and aluminium.

EU steel action welcomed by Conservative MEPs

08 Feb 2016 @ 16:0

News that the European Union could open new anti-dumping investigations into Chinese steel products has been welcomed Conservative MEPs, although they are critical it has taken Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom three months to respond to their calls for action.

European Commission responds to public concerns over TTIP

16 Sep 2015 @ 13:45

The European Commission has rightfully responded to people's concerns over an element of the EU-US trade agreement, TTIP, in putting forward a blueprint for a modernised system, according to MEP Emma McClarkin.

European Parliament today approved plans to tackle wildlife trafficking on eve of World Wildlife Day

02 Mar 2017 @ 12:30

On the eve of World Wildlife Day, the European Parliament has approved Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin’s proposals to use trade policy to tackle illegal wildlife trafficking.

European youth study and sport package agreed

19 Nov 2013 @ 13:0

The European Parliament today approved a comprehensivepackage of funding measures in the field of education, training, and sportwhich will cover youth study and training programmes through until 2020.

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