Kay Swinburne MEP


Kay Swinburne

Economic and Monetary Affairs Spokesman

Parliamentary Committees:
Economic and Monetary Affairs

Parliamentary Delegations:
Relations with Switzerland and Norway and to the EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee and the European Economic Area (EEA) Joint Parliamentary Committee

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AMBER Alert: The Campaign For Improvement

20 May 2015 @ 01:00

Each year one million children go missing or are abducted in Europe. 76% of those children are killed within three hours of the abduction.

Call to action on Missing Children's Day

22 May 2015 @ 17:00

 If you do one thing on Bank Holiday Monday – make sure you sign up to the international alert system that saves children's lives.

Capital Markets Union: the EU breaks down barriers to business growth and investment

30 Sep 2015 @ 17:0

The uphill struggle faced by businesses looking to access capital is finally set to be levelled as the European Commission launches plans to deliver better functioning capital markets, enabling entrepreneurs and companies access to a variety of asset-backed funds.

Dr Kay Swinburne MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists Group economics spokesman, welcomed the plans, which were presented as the commission also announced a review of its post-crisis legislation to see whether it is working as intended.

Conservative MEPs attack Labour's "empty political gestures" on tax

12 May 2016 @ 11:00

Conservative MEPs made clear today they will be supporting proposals put forward by British EU Commissioner Lord Hill which would force multi-national companies to publicly report their tax dealings on a country-by-country basis.

Conservative MEPs demand EU action on steel

18 Jan 2016 @ 17:45


Conservative MEPs reject proposals for more EU tax harmonisation

26 Mar 2015 @ 18:30

Conservative MEPs have opposed a report calling for more tax harmonisation at an EU level.

The report - supported by Labour, Lib Dem and SNP MEPs - calls for the EU to be given more powers to enforce a compulsory Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base, and endorses a Financial Transaction tax.

Conservative MEPs welcome increased access to finance for small businesses

10 Dec 2015 @ 19:0

A new plan that will guarantee loans to small businesses in the UK has been welcomed by Conservative MEPs.

Conservative MEPs welcome microbusiness exemption from "VATmoss" rules

11 Sep 2015 @ 14:00

 Conservative MEPs have welcomed confirmation that the European Commission is to bring in an exemption from EU VAT rules for microbusinesses.    

Conservatives shape new EU insurance rules to benefit consumers

24 Feb 2016 @ 10:45

New measures to guarantee customers receive the same level of consumer protection wherever in the EU they buy insurance have come into force.

Conservatives: Marathon regulation talks seal leading role of London and UK

15 Jan 2014 @ 14:0

A new package of measures to regulate the market in financial products - agreed in Strasbourg last night after months of negotiation - will improve transparency and ensure the UK stays at the forefront of the global trade.

EMIR vote cancellation means MEPs' message is getting through

07 Feb 2013 @ 13:0

A decision today by the European Parliament to withdraw a controversial motion on EMIR derivatives regulation - in advance of an impending vote in Strasbourg - is a sign that MEPs' concerns have hit home, a senior negotiator on the legislation has said.

EU banking union sets in place the basis of a multi-speed Europe

22 May 2013 @ 13:00

An agreement reached on the EU Banking Union is a 'seminal' moment that sets in place a mechanism for a multi-speed EU, Kay Swinburne MEP said today as MEPs held a vote on a single supervisor for Eurozone banks.

Eurozone attack on City of London is ruled illegal

04 Mar 2015 @ 13:0

The European Court of Justice today issued a judgment which rules as illegal an attempt by the European Central Bank to force British companies managing trades in euros, rather than pound sterling, to relocate to Eurozone countries.

Financial "plumbing" needs attention – or a burst could wreck everything

11 Dec 2013 @ 14:0

Financial businesses outside the banking sector are potentially just as vulnerable to market stress – and so must be able to demonstrate proper governance and robust risk-management in just the same way.

Fresh evidence of FTT damage

03 Apr 2013 @ 13:0

New research on the potential impact of  the EU's planned Financial Transactions Tax is further evidence that the move is ill-conceived and will create unintended damage.

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