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Syed Kamall: EU faces a choice after Brexit vote

16-Jan-2019 @ 14:15

The European Union should stand ready to help address concerns about the Withdrawal Agreement expressed by British MPs, MEPs have been told.

MEPs follow UK’s lead to promote gender equality

15-Jan-2019 @ 13:00

Proposals to boost opportunities for women and tackle sexual harassment in the European Parliament have been supported today by Conservative MEPs.

European Parliament calls for close security ties with UK post-Brexit

12-Dec-2018 @ 15:00

MEPs approved a new plan to fight terrorism today that calls for the EU to have a close security partnership with the UK after it leaves the bloc.

Kamall: UK can replicate new EU-Japan trade deal

12-Dec-2018 @ 14:00

A deal which will form the blueprint for post-Brexit trade between the UK and Japan has been approved by the European Parliament today.

Plans to close crime fighting loophole clear key hurdle

11-Dec-2018 @ 16:00

Moves to close a loophole which is hampering the fight against cross border crime and terrorism cleared an important hurdle today. Proposals by Conservative Home Affairs Spokesman Daniel Dalton will enable national authorities to establish quickly whether any EU member state holds criminal records on a non-EU citizen. They have been backed in talks between European Parliament and Council negotiators today and are now expected to be voted on by Parliament in the New Year.

Move to re-open Glyphosate case attacked by Conservative MEPs

06-Dec-2018 @ 15:00

Conservative MEPs today condemned moves to re-open the decision to licence the world's most popular weed killer for use in the European Union.

Dalton – EU single market in services remains "a mirage"

22-Nov-2018 @ 01:00

Today's European Commission report on the Single Market exposes the reluctance of some countries and political groups to support the EU's flagship project.

MEPs back plan to revolutionise international trade

20-Nov-2018 @ 11:00

Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin's plan to utilise blockchain technology to boost trade has been backed by the European Parliament's Trade Committee today.

New EU rail rules threaten UK passenger rights

15-Nov-2018 @ 01:00

New rules approved today by MEPs risk undermining existing rail passenger rights in the UK, Conservative Transport Spokesman Jacqueline Foster MEP has warned.

MEPs call for close security ties with UK post-Brexit

14-Nov-2018 @ 09:00

The EU must have a close security partnership with the UK after Brexit to fight terrorism, the European Parliament's Special Committee on Terrorism has concluded.

Dyson case: Commission must now design new tests

08-Nov-2018 @ 13:00

Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox has issued the following statement in response to today's European Court of Justice ruling on the long running case involving James Dyson:

Support for plans to transform EU crowdfunding sector

05-Nov-2018 @ 18:30

The first EU-wide regulation of the crowdfunding sector has today cleared an important legislative hurdle. The European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee approved a report by Conservative MEP Ashley Fox and agreed to send it straight into talks with the European Commission and Council. It is now hoped the legislation can be passed before the European elections in May 2019.

Kamall: EU-Japan deal stepping stone for UK's own agreement

05-Nov-2018 @ 16:00

Ratifying the EU-Japan trade deal is the UK's first step to secure its own ambitious agreement with Japan post-Brexit, Conservative MEP Syed Kamall said today after the European Parliament's trade committee approved the deal.

Asia Bibi freed after new Pakistani court ruling

31-Oct-2018 @ 12:00

Conservative MEPs welcome today's decision by Pakistan's Supreme Court to overturn the death sentence of Asia Bibi who was convicted of blasphemy in 2010.

Call to supend EU-US Privacy Shield is reckless

25-Oct-2018 @ 14:00

Citizens and businesses will be left in legal limbo if the European Commission acts on MEPs’ calls to suspend the EU-US Privacy shield, warned Conservative Consumer Affairs Spokesman Daniel Dalton MEP today. He was speaking following a vote in the European Parliament today on a resolution that was initially intended to look into on the misuse of Facebook users’ data by Cambridge Analytica.

Investigation needed into Khashoggi murder

25-Oct-2018 @ 14:00

The brazeness of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is without precedent and must prompt an international investigation, Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman Charles Tannock MEP said today.

MEPs approve EU power grab in bid that will increase road charges

25-Oct-2018 @ 12:00

The EU was accused of undermining national sovereignty today after MEPs backed a plan that will increase road charges for haulage companies and motorists.

New EU plan to reduce plastic waste complements UK efforts

24-Oct-2018 @ 14:00

The European Parliament approved new measures today to significantly reduce single-use plastics in a new plan which compliments the UK's own efforts to tackle plastic waste.