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New EU online copyright rules "sensible and proportionate"

26-Mar-2019 @ 13:00

Major new EU online copyright legislation has been approved today by the European Parliament.

New protection for farmers and food suppliers

12-Mar-2019 @ 15:00

Farmers and other food suppliers will be protected from a range of unfair trading practices under legislation approved today by the European Parliament.

Report closes a "gaping loophole" in cross border crime fight

12-Mar-2019 @ 15:00

A "gaping loophole" which allows third country nationals to hide their criminal records in the European Union was closed today by MEPs.

EU online copyright rules clear a major hurdle

26-Feb-2019 @ 15:30

New EU-wide online copyright rules cleared a major hurdle today when they were approved by the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee.

Conservatives back EU action on live animal transport

14-Feb-2019 @ 14:00

Stronger measures to enforce legislation to protect live animals being transported across the European Union have been backed today by Conservative MEPs.

Time to do the right thing President Mnangagwa

14-Feb-2019 @ 13:00

Zimbabwe must release political prisoners and return to the path of democratic change, Conservative Security and Defence spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden told the European Parliament today.

Europe must act to reap the benefits of AI.

12-Feb-2019 @ 17:30

Europe must take steps now to ensure it reaps the economic, social and technological benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Plan will provide more certainty for UK fishing fleet

12-Feb-2019 @ 17:00

A long term plan to manage fish stocks in the Western Waters, backed today by Conservative MEPs, will provide more certainty for UK fishermen during the Brexit period.

MEP's report tackles terrorist content online

04-Feb-2019 @ 15:45

New EU-wide legislation to tackle terrorist content posted online has been unveiled today by Conservative Home Affairs spokesman Daniel Dalton MEP.

McIntyre presents report on better law making to VP

04-Feb-2019 @ 01:00

The drive for better law making in the European Union must continue even after Brexit.

"The backstop will create a hard border, not prevent one."

30-Jan-2019 @ 16:30

The Irish backstop, far from preventing a hard border post-Brexit, will create one if not amended, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox warned the European Parliament this afternoon.

Call for EU to review Zimbabwe sanctions

24-Jan-2019 @ 01:00

The EU should review its sanctions against individuals in Zimbabwe following the brutal crackdown on opposition forces, Conservative Security and defence spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden MEP said today.

MEPs agree to close criminal records loophole

24-Jan-2019 @ 12:30

An agreement that will close a loophole currently hampering the fight against cross border crime and terrorism has been approved today in the European Parliament.

Conservative MEPs help see off threat to UK motorsport

22-Jan-2019 @ 14:15

A threat to UK motorsport was headed off today after MEPs backed a Conservative call to amend an overhaul of the EU's motor insurance rules. The vote means that motorsport will be exempt from a directive detailing which vehicles must be insured, and in what circumstances.

Syed Kamall: EU faces a choice after Brexit vote

16-Jan-2019 @ 14:15

The European Union should stand ready to help address concerns about the Withdrawal Agreement expressed by British MPs, MEPs have been told.

Conservatives oppose politically motivated pesticides report

16-Jan-2019 @ 14:00

Politically motivated recommendations to overhaul the way pesticides are authorised for use in the European Union were opposed by Conservative MEPs today. The European Parliament's special committee on pesticides is proposing that many powers to licence products are removed from member states and centralised in Brussels, despite hearing from experts that the present system works well.

MEPs follow UK’s lead to promote gender equality

15-Jan-2019 @ 13:00

Proposals to boost opportunities for women and tackle sexual harassment in the European Parliament have been supported today by Conservative MEPs.

Online broadcasting reforms offer more viewer choice

14-Dec-2018 @ 13:00

Viewers will be able to watch news and current affairs programmes from across the EU online under new arrangements agreed today by the European Council and Parliament.