News Releases | 2017

Ashley Fox: Commission should follow UK's example on Poland

21-Dec-2017 @ 16:00

Speaking as British Prime Minister Theresa May visited Poland today, 24 hours after the European Commission's controversial decision to invoke Article 7 against the country, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox said: 

Ashley Fox: “We fully expect Gibraltar to be part of the transition period.”

20-Dec-2017 @ 12:00

Responding to the European Commission's proposed negotiating mandate today, Conservative MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, Ashley Fox, said: “We fully expect Gibraltar to be part of the transition period and for the EU to be cooperative in negotiating this arrangement. It's in no-one's interest that Gibraltar suddenly leaves the EU in March 2019 without time for businesses and workers to adapt.

Ashley Fox: MEPs should not attempt to dictate negotiations.

13-Dec-2017 @ 14:00

The European Parliament should stick to its brief and not try and tie the hands of Brexit negotiators, Conservative MEP's leader Ashley Fox said today.

"The important work starts here. We must get it right."

08-Dec-2017 @ 13:00

Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox has welcomed news of an agreement between the UK and EU.

Ashley Fox: Capitalism works for the many, not the few

03-Oct-2017 @ 14:00

Brexit will be a success only if the Conservatives' vision of a free trading, global Britain is delivered, the party's conference heard this afternoon.

Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox said the country's future would be at risk if Labour was allowed to take control of the powers being repatriated from Brussels.

Ashley Fox MEP responds to the European Parliament's Brexit resolution

03-Oct-2017 @ 01:00

Responding to today's resolution in the European Parliament, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox said:

Ashley Fox: Florence could be the cradle of Britain's renaissance

22-Sep-2017 @ 16:15

Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox has urged the EU to respond positively to Prime Minister Theresa May's landmark speech in Florence today.

He said: "Brussels has been asking for concrete proposals and here they are.

Ashley Fox: Customs proposals a good basis for "creative negotiation".

15-Aug-2017 @ 12:00

The UK Government's proposals for a future customs relationship with the EU are practical, achievable and allow room for "creative negotiation" according to Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox.

Ashley Fox: Travelling circus a symbol of all that's wrong with the EU

05-Jul-2017 @ 14:00

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani is being urged to intervene to help end the parliament's costly "travelling circus" between Brussels and Strasbourg.

The cross party Single Seat Group, headed by Conservative MEP Ashley Fox, wants Mr Tajani to raise the matter with the European Council, which would have to initiate the treaty change required to stop the monthly trips. Having two parliamentary seats costs EU taxpayers an estimated €114 million a year.

Ashley Fox MEP welcomes today's start to Brexit negotiations

19-Jun-2017 @ 09:00

Ashley Fox, leader of Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament, welcomes today’s start to Brexit negotiations.

He said: “Today the UK Government begins negotiating our departure from the European Union.

Ashley Fox: Let's work together to build a new relationship

17-May-2017 @ 10:00

The European Union should not seek money from Britain during the Brexit negotiations simply to cover its own budgetary failures, UK Conservative delegation leader Ashley Fox told MEPs today.

"We need a more honest relationship with Turkey"

26-Apr-2017 @ 16:30

A new relationship is needed with Turkey that is based on co-operation, not the distant goal of European Union membership, Conservative MEP Syed Kamall told the European Parliament today.

Ashley Fox MEP's statement on May's call for a General Election

18-Apr-2017 @ 12:30

 Reacting to Theresa May's decision to call a General Election on June 8, Ashley Fox, leader of Conservatives in the European Parliament, said:

"We need a good agreement, not a good fight"

05-Apr-2017 @ 10:30

Britain and the EU must work together to shape a close new relationship that works in the interests of all citizens, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox told the European Parliament today.

Article 50: It's time to begin shaping our future

29-Mar-2017 @ 13:15

Responding to today's submission by the Government of Article 50, triggering the start of negotiations over the UK's departure from the EU, Ashley Fox, leader of Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament, said:

Ashley Fox: The EU must respond to people's call for change

01-Mar-2017 @ 16:00

Responding to the European Commission's Future of Europe white paper, Ashley Fox, leader of Conservative MEPs, said today:

"I am pleased to see President Juncker laying out a series of options for the future of the EU rather than once again simply pushing his tired vision of a federal Europe. It is a little late, but he is finally acknowledging there is more than one way for the EU to proceed.

"Of course, Britain is leaving the EU and the remaining 27 Member States must decide their own future. However, it is in the UK's interest for the EU to be a successful, stable and well-governed partner and ally.

"I sincerely hope this important debate takes note of the clear call for change coming from people across the Union who have lost confidence in the EU as currently structured."

Ashley Fox rejects Verhofstadt's call for "more Europe"

14-Feb-2017 @ 11:30

Speaking in a European Parliament debate today on the future of the EU, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox said the EU had lost touch with its citizens.

"PM has ensured everyone now knows where we stand" – Ashley Fox

17-Jan-2017 @ 17:00

Ashley Fox, leader of Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament, welcomed Theresa May's speech.

He said: "The Prime Minister has today laid out clearly and firmly how Britain will approach negotiations over our departure from the EU.