Ashley Fox: Capitalism works for the many, not the few

03-Oct-2017 @ 14:00

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Ashley Fox: Capitalism works for the many, not the few

Brexit will be a success only if the Conservatives' vision of a free trading, global Britain is delivered, the party's conference heard this afternoon.

Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox said the country's future would be at risk if Labour was allowed to take control of the powers being repatriated from Brussels.

He said: "As we bring back powers to this country and with it the freedom to run our national life as we choose, it is imperative we recognise that with this freedom comes responsibility.

"We are not taking back control from centralisers in Brussels to give it to socialists in Britain.

"Jeremy Corbyn is relishing the prospect of renationalising industries, raising taxes and bribing people with borrowed money.

"We must win again the arguments for free speech, free trade and free markets. Capitalism works for the many, not the few.

"We need to convince young people of our vision. Those who think Corbyn offers something new when all he does is re-hash the failed policies of 1970s Britain and today's Venezuela.

"We cannot let Corbyn' s Labour Party blight the prospects of this country and throw away the potential gains of Brexit by pursuing his dangerous ideological agenda. To make a success of Brexit, our vision of a free, prosperous, global Britain must be delivered."

Mr Fox stressed that the UK would maintain strong and positive relationships with the EU.

He added: "For a thousand years we have played our full part in European civilisation. From the Norman conquest to the Normandy landings, we have been intimately bound up in European political life. This will not change.

"We need politicians and businesses in Europe to see beyond the withdrawal agreement to the opportunities of the new partnership ahead. Conservative MEPs are dedicated to supporting David Davis in this task."

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