Ashley Fox helps Gibraltar take her show on the road

22-Jan-2015 @ 10:0

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

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Gibraltar was showing its wares to the world this week with a prominent display in the European Parliament, thanks to Conservative MEP Ashley Fox.

An interactive exhibition highlighting the Rock's history, vibrancy and enterprise, was on show all week at a busy location in the parliament building in Brussels.

The presentation has been designed by the Government of Gibraltar and sponsored by Ashley Fox, Conservative MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar.

It includes a string of compelling facts and figures about Gibraltar as a landmark, a home to 32,000 people and the destination for nine million visitors a year.  It tells how the Rock has 30 miles of military tunnels cut into it, while the port is now the biggest bunkering (maritime fueling) station in the Mediterranean.

Mr Fox said: "I am proud to represent Gibraltar and pleased to help her project her achievements and attractions across Europe and the world.  This exhibition has been very popular and a real success.

"Many MEPs and senior officials from other countries have found it fascinating to learn more of the compelling facts about Gibraltar instead of some of the  mythology."

A press statement from Gibraltar said the timing of the exhibition could not be better as it comes after Spain sought to exclude Gibraltar from the Single European Sky II+ and amidst the continuing investigations by the European Commission into the situation at the land frontier.

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