Ashley Fox: Research is too important to play politics with

07-Jun-2018 @ 15:00

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Ashley Fox: Research is too important to play politics with

The EU is being urged to act quickly and formalise the UK's post-Brexit involvement in the bloc's scientific research programme.

Conservative Industry and Research Spokesman Ashley Fox MEP was speaking following publication of details of how the Horizon Europe scheme will operate from 2021. The UK receives the largest share of grants from the current programme and today's document leaves the door open for it to continue participating after Brexit.

Mr Fox said: "I am pleased the EU recognises the key role played in global research by UK scientists and businesses, often in collaboration with their European colleagues.

"Research programmes can take years to set up and now we have these guidelines I hope we can quickly agree the precise terms of our future participation.

"This is too important to play politics with. Ground breaking research into everything from healthcare to climate change drives economies and benefits our citizens. Britain is a world class player and our continued full involvement in Horizon Europe is in everyone's best interests."

Mr Fox's European Conservatives and Reformists Group colleague Zdzisław Krasnodębski, Vice President of the European Parliament and ECR Group spokesman on research, supported the UK's ongoing participation.

He said: "The UK has always been one of the key players in EU framework programmes and nobody gains if they are excluded. The proposal would allow the UK's continued involvement and hopefully a solution can be found quickly so that we can send a signal that reassures scientists and networks throughout the European research community."

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