Backing for Conservative MEP's efforts to defuse the Korean crisis

11-Jul-2017 @ 18:15

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Backing for Conservative MEP's efforts to defuse the Korean crisis

Asia's main political parties have endorsed attempts by senior Conservative MEP Nirj Deva to kick start a Korean peace process.

The International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) pledged the support of 36 parties in 23 countries for efforts by the European Parliament's Delegation on the Korean Peninsula, which Mr Deva chairs, to work towards drafting a peace treaty.

It follows a series of meetings between Mr Deva and all the major players involved, including the North Korean regime, to put the groundwork in place.

Speaking after the ICAPP resolution was passed unanimously at the Asia Europe Political Forum in Seoul, Mr Deva said: "The border between South and North Korea is a standing testament to failure. A failure of leadership, a failure of tenacity and a failure which may have deadly consequences for the future of East Asia and the international community.

"Turning 74 years of failure into success starts with accepting the need to create an agenda leading to the drafting of a peace treaty. In the past two years I have worked diligently to create such an agenda without preconditions which respects the red lines of all the nations involved.

"This can only be achieved by shuttle diplomacy where the two principal antagonists, North Korea and the United States, come to understand each other's needs and demands."

Mr Deva said the ultimate aim of the process was the decommissioning of North Korea's nuclear weapons and the demobilisation of armies on both sides of the border.

He added: "On paper at least, both sides of the Korean Peninsula are firmly committed to the principle of reunification. This process will cost money, but it is an investment in the future. For the generations to come it would mean stability, security and peace."

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