Britain must become that indispensable ally

01-Oct-2019 @ 18:00

Geoffrey Van Orden Geoffrey Van Orden

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Britain must become that indispensable ally


Britain and its armed forces must become an indespensable ally to her partners and allies post Brexit, a Conservative Conference fringe event heard.

The challenge came from Geoffrey Van Orden, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs and the party's defence spokesman in the European Parliament. The packed meeting received encouraging briefings from Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and defence and security specialist Professor Michael Clarke.

Mr Van Orden, Conservative MEP for the East of England, is himself a former senior army officer. He said: "Many of us have persistently called for a significant increase in real defence spending and for revitalisation of the NATO alliance. At the same time we have opposed EU defence policy, not through any shallow motive, but because we see it for what it is - primarily a political project to accelerate the political integration of Europe into a federal state.

He stressed: "Far from strengthening the alliance of the democracies at this time of unprecedented challenge, the EU army idea leads to division and a widening of transatlantic difference. Moscow and Teheran can only be delighted. “

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson recognises the significance of national defence and security. Already he has agreed a significant increase in defence expenditure and real emphasis on UK leadership in key future defence technologies.
"His commitment is underlined by appointment as Defence Secretary of Ben Wallace, a politician with all the right experience and understanding and of a Special Adviser for Defence Policy in Number 10.”
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