Call to action on Missing Children's Day

22-May-2015 @ 17:00

Kay Swinburne Kay Swinburne

Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

 If you do one thing on Bank Holiday Monday – make sure you sign up to the international alert system that saves children's lives.

That is the message from Conservative MEPs who are spearheading a campaign to boost Amber Alert, a network of alert systems across Europe which raise the alarm when a child is missing and in danger.

Monday is the United Nations International Day for Missing Children and the MEPs are urging people to spare a few minutes of their leisure time to sign up to receive the life-saving alerts.  They can do so in Britain by going online at or downloading the childrescuealert app.

Last week at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Kay Swinburne MEP launched a major campaign to boost the Amber Alert system, which aims to spread key information to the public rapidly when child is potentially in harm's way.

The Conservative MEP for Wales led proposals for a five-point plan to increase the reach and effectiveness of the Amber system.

We are calling for: 

1.A bigger, stronger Amber Alert network

2.More flexibility in issuing child alerts

3.Better cross-border information sharing

4.Better cross-border police co-operation

5.Border checks on children's passport

Dr Swinburne said:  "Getting information out rapidly is vital in the first hours when a child is abducted.  That is when they are most in danger.

"It means every individual that signs up for Amber Alert improves our chances of saving a life. Every company or organisation that comes on board increase the chances greatly.

"So if you do one thing this Monday sign up for Amber Alert. Then enjoy the rest of the day.  And when you go back to work on Tuesday – persuade your boss to sign up the company."


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