Campaign for a digital single market must be fought on several fronts

04-Jul-2013 @ 8:0

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Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Achieving an effective digital single market is not just about developing new technologies, a senior British MEP warns today.

West Midlands Conservative Malcolm Harbour, a consistent champion of the digital single market, will sound a note of urgency as MEPs debate EU Commission plans on this key issue, due to be announced later this month.

He stressed that as well as technology, the blueprint for completing the digital market must cover skills, training, consumer and supplier confidence, and a determined focus on removing accidental and deliberate barriers to trade.

The chairman of the European Parliament's Single Market and Consumer Protection Committee said: "Our committee and this parliament have been taking a lead in pushing forward a whole range of measures.

"Now we now look to the Commission to give leadership, and for the Prime Ministers to take a lead in the October summit in promoting the digital single market.

"The UK Government has set an example by implementing the EU's Digital Rights Directive and thus boosting customer confidence in online transactions.

"The potential for the digital single market to create jobs is huge and provides an opportunity to address the grievous problem of youth unemployment.

"However, to meet that challenge we must work on developing digital skills. Recent studies show that the EU has a digital skills deficit, something which could hold back the whole project if not addressed."
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