Conservative MEP backs May on migration

23-Sep-2016 @ 12:00

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Conservative MEP backs May on migration

Conservative MEP Dr Charles Tannock today backed Theresa May's call for an international response to tackle the current refugee crisis.

As the Conservatives' Foreign Affairs spokesman, Dr Tannock said: "I welcome the Prime Minister's call to better distinguish between refugees and economic migrants, an approach which will be vital if we are to maintain the value and confidence of the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees, which is in need of a radical overhaul if it is to address the realities of the modern world.

"We must defend the right to seek temporary refuge for those fleeing war and persecution. But this cannot entitle others to use the opportunity to cross dozens of safe countries, moving half way across the globe in search of the most generous welfare systems and employment opportunities.

"Strengthening the principle of seeking asylum in the first neighbouring safe country, where common historical and cultural ties are often present, is a logical step and one which I support."

Speaking at the United Nations for the first time, the Prime Minister said: " This is an urgent matter. More people are displaced than at any point in modern history. And it is a global matter, with conflict and displaced people on every continent. It’s a matter for which we all have a responsibility, both to provide life-saving assistance and enable people to return home one day. And we need to do more, and more effectively.

"In order to deal with the unprecedented level of displaced people the Prime Minister called for "stepping up our efforts on humanitarian assistance and development, the international community needs to build a more effective policy approach – addressing the root causes of forced displacement, providing proper protection for refugees and reducing today’s unmanaged population movement."
This comes as world leaders are meeting in New York to discuss a range of issues including migration and national security issues.

Specifically in relation to the refugee crisis, there have been widespread calls to draw a distinction between refugees fleeing war and conflict and those seeking to migrate to economic advantage.

Dr Charles Tannock MEP spoke in the debate on the UN High-Level Summit on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants last week in the European Parliament.

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