Conservative MEPs condemn Labour support for EU power grab

08-Jul-2015 @ 12:15

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Conservative MEPs will today oppose a report calling for more tax harmonisation at an EU level and for Britain to be subjected to a regular report on its tax affairs for the consideration of Eurocrats.

The report, by Italian Socialist MEP Elly Schlein, is ostensibly about tax avoidance as an issue for governance in developing countries, but it contains a raft of proposals that would hugely extend the scope of EU supervision over the tax rules of member states.

As well as calling for a common consolidated base for business taxes across the EU, it demands a regime of country-by-country tax reports which would made be public and scrutinised by officials in Brussels.

While Conservatives will today oppose the Brussels power grab, enthusiastic Labour MEPs say they will back it.

Nirj Deva MEP, Conservative development spokesman in the European Parliament, said:  "Of course  Conservative MEPs support tax transparency and reporting at a global level, but we do not want EU directives imposing public country-by-country reporting.

"Once a G20-OECD model for such reporting has been fully implemented, complete with further analysis of the impact, then it might be considered – but not until.

"Our tax policy is Britain's affair and nobody else's.  I want George Osborne's budget today to set our economic priorities and our fiscal regime, not a Brussels Commission member or an Italian socialist.

"Labour of course are happy to go along with any suggestion that erodes Britain's sovereignty, especially if they see it as an opportunity to attack big business."

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