Conservative MEPs' leader congratulates Theresa May

11-Jul-2016 @ 17:15

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

The Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Ashley Fox MEP, issued the following statement after confirmation that Theresa May will be the next Leader of the Conservative Party.

"I warmly welcome Theresa May as the new Leader of the Conservative Party and our next Prime Minister.

"She secured the backing of an overwhelming majority of Conservative MPs and has today delivered a clear vision of how she intends to unite the country. Theresa's determination, integrity and proven leadership skills will prove invaluable as we set about negotiating our departure from the EU and establishing Britain´s new place in the world as an outward facing champion of free trade, fairness and freedom.

"The respect she commands in EU capitals will ensure we secure a deal that is in the best interests of both Britain and our European partners. I and my Conservative MEP colleagues will, of course, provide her with every assistance in the months ahead.

"I would also like to pay tribute to Andrea Leadsom. Her decision to withdraw from the leadership race today, and the manner in which she did so, is typical of her principled approach and in the best traditions of public service."

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