Conservative MEPs respond to the Brussels terrorist attacks

22-Mar-2016 @ 01:00

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Ashley Fox, leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament and MEP for South West England and Gibraltar:

"Our thoughts are with the people of Brussels after these terrible attacks. We will offer them every assistance but must carry on with our daily lives and not let the terrorists win.
"If we change our routines, or if we surround the European Parliament with a ring of steel, we play into the hands of the people who committed these atrocities."

Conservative Home Affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope, MEP for Yorkshire and Humber:

"The terrorist outrages in Brussels today are another example of the maniacs who threaten democracy and freedom in Europe.
"I've spent the last five years taking legislation through the European Parliament trying to improve co-operation between the intelligence services and the police in all Member States, working together to detain and deter terrorists.
"We have already achieved much, a great number of attacks have been prevented by this co-operation, but today's attacks in Brussels are another chapter and show that we can never relax in our fight against terrorism.
"Balancing freedom with security is very difficult but as our sympathies go out today to those who have lost their lives and the families of those who have been killed and injured, we must remain resolute, carry on our work and not be deterred by terrorism."

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