Conservative MEPs back action to tackle rogue traders

21-Mar-2017 @ 15:15

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Conservative MEPs back action to tackle rogue traders

Steps to improve cross-border co-operation in tackling rogue traders have been supported today by Conservative MEPs.

The European Parliament's Internal Market Committee approved a report updating the EU's Consumer Protection Co-operation Regulation, in particular to take account of the new challenges presented by international online transactions.

Under the legislation, a database and information exchange system will provide early warning of cross border issues and the EU will be able to investigate cases that Member States deem a "widespread infringement with an EU dimension".

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford (East of England), who chairs the committee, said: "Fraudsters don’t stop at the border and this report represents a major step forward for consumers across Europe.

"The proposal will help authorities to tackle scam websites and fake salesmen who target consumers across Europe. It will allow countries to work together cross-border to protect consumers whilst saving time and resources for businesses.

"One of the particular issues has been scams popping up in one country and re-emerging in another. It is important to ensure that authorities can stay one step ahead of the scammers and not the other way around."

"This is the sort of people focused cooperation that I hope the UK will continue post-Brexit."

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