Conservative MEPs support aviation sector and reject "anti-growth" resolution

11-Nov-2015 @ 19:30

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Conservative MEPs have refused to support a resolution on the aviation sector which calls for a reduction of the power of member states and an increase in the amount of prescriptive social legislation.

The resolution from the Transport Committee sets out the Parliament's position ahead of the European Commission's publication of a new Aviation Package by the end of the year.

Although Conservatives agree with much of the content of the report, such as improving the capacity and connectivity of EU airports, advancing the conclusion of air service agreements with a number of non-EU countries, and speeding up implementation of the Single European Sky initiative, the report has been padded out with extra demands that the delegation cannot support.

Transport Spokesman and Deputy Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Jacqueline Foster MEP, said: "I strongly support any measure which would boost the aviation and aeronautics sector, particularly speeding up the implementation of the Single European Sky programme.

"Regrettably, however, EPP, socialist and liberal MEPs have inserted a number of demands which we just cannot support.

"Although fully supporting proper recognition of EASA as an extremely effective safety agency, we do not support a single European voice in this key area.

"Every country is contracted to the International Civil Aviation Organisation in its own right, and I cannot support the removal of a representative from each member state, including the UK.

"Furthermore, I believe that current employment legislation on working conditions, standards and practice should be maintained, rather than this report being hijacked by overly prescriptive proposals on contracts and job locations which would hinder growth and competitiveness.

"I look forward to receiving the Commission's proposals in December, which I hope will be a balanced and forward looking package of legislation to modernise and grow our vital aviation sector.

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