Conservative MEPs table question to European Commission on steel

09-Nov-2015 @ 17:30

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Conservative MEPs have tabled an Oral Question to the European Commission on the situation in the steel sector, ahead of today's extraordinary meeting of EU Ministers to discuss the crisis.

The question covers trade relations with China regarding concerns that it has flooded the market with steel at a loss, as well as the ability for state aid to compensate the indirect costs caused by the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme, which has increased their energy bills.

Conservative MEPs are also today asking for the European Commission and the Council to make a statement at the European Parliament plenary session on Wednesday, setting out the actions decided at today's ministerial meeting.

Conservative leader in the European Parliament, Ashley Fox MEP, said: "Conservative MEPs want to be sure that British steel is competing on an equal international footing, which is not possible due to the unintended consequences of EU climate policy in addition to allegations of anticompetitive behaviour and dumping by Chinese exporters.

"We are working with the European Commission to see what can be done to offset these imbalances."

Conservative international trade spokesman Emma McClarkin said: "The steel industry has been put in a perilous position by a large number of global economic events and a glut of global supply. Some of these events are beyond our control, but we can take action to stop Chinese steel being illegally dumped on the European market.

"This is not about intervening to give steel an unfair advantage but about enforcing the laws of the market place, stopping anticompetitive behaviour and giving our industry opportunity to compete in the global market."

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