Conservative transport spokesman wins support over Gibraltar vote

09-Sep-2015 @ 15:30

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Conservative MEPs have won the backing of fellow parliamentarians for deleting a needless reference to Gibraltar in a report on EU transport policy.

A section of the report on the implementation of the Commission's 2011 White Paper on transport called for the EU's Council of Ministers to "resolve the UK-Spain dispute over Gibraltar, which is currently impeding numerous legislative files".

However in Strasbourg today, MEPs voted to delete this statement.

Conservative MEPs do not believe the sovereignty of Gibraltar is a matter for discussion at Council level, and indeed the blockage has been caused solely by the current Spanish Government's repudiation of the 2006 Cordoba Agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, Gibraltar is fully recognised as a part of the EU's single market and therefore should be fully included in EU aviation legislation.

Aside from the issue of Gibraltar, the report contained a number of other demands that we could not support, including EU-wide rules on road tolls and the creation of an unnecessary European Road Transport Agency.

Transport spokesman and Deputy Leader of the Conservative MEPs Jacqueline Foster said:

"I am delighted that a majority of MEPs agreed with me that this report on EU transport policy should not have been wading in to the issue of Gibraltar's sovereignty.

"This is an important first step. However for as long as Spain continues to challenge its sovereignty there can, regrettably, be no movement on key proposals such as Single Sky and the Passenger Rights regulations.

The North West MEP concluded: "This is a red line for Conservative MEPs and we will remain committed to not supporting any legislation that does not treat Gibraltar and her people as full and legitimate members of the EU's single market".

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