Conservative Vicky Ford takes the reins in key commerce and consumer-rights role

07-Jul-2014 @ 17:0

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Conservative MEP Vicky Ford was today (Mon) confirmed in the key position of Chairman of the European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee.

Mrs Ford was put forward for the role last week after the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, now the parliament's third-largest group, successfully negotiated the right to nominate the holder of this high-profile economic portfolio.

Her leadership of the committee was confirmed at its constitutive meeting this afternoon.  She will replace another British Conservative, Malcolm Harbour, who chaired the committee in the last parliament before standing down at the European elections in May.

The committee has charge of the European Single Market and has a mission to identify and remove restrictions to trade and commerce in Europe. It also has responsibility to advance consumer protection in all sectors except health and foodstuffs.

Mrs Ford, who represents the East of England, said: "Conservatives have already made real progress in reducing barriers and simplifying legislation to enhance growth and competitiveness across the Single Market in many areas and over many years.

"A well-run Single Market can be the key to unlocking prosperity, innovation and greater competitiveness in Europe. Misdirected, it can stifle entrepreneurship and create a clipboard culture in business.

"The Single Market is meant to help people trade easily across 28 countries and sell to more than 500 million consumers; it is not meant to add more red tape, costs and bureaucracy.

"In the last mandate we identified the top ten most burdensome pieces of regulation for small businesses. In my view a priority must be to start unwinding burdens like these.

"As a result of the European elections, national leaders have asked to look again at the relationship between national governments and the EU. They also want to see the single market more strongly grounded in the principles of conferral, subsidiarity and proportionality."

"A common set of market rules does not mean that every market stall must look identical. We have many challenges ahead, especially maximising the potential of a digital single market, and reviewing how the internal market may help address energy-security concerns. I am looking forward to working with colleagues to address these issues."


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