Conservatives give cautious welcome to key EU energy report

18-Nov-2015 @ 17:0

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Conservative Energy and climate change spokesman, Dr Ian Duncan MEP has given a cautious welcome to a report from the European Commission on the state of the so-called Energy Union.

Today's report looks at progress made in 2015 and identifies key actions for 2016, with the aim of increasing security of supply in response to current geopolitical issues and maintaining the EU's lead in the transition to a low carbon economy.

Alongside the security and decarbonisation goals the State of the Energy Union report continues the focus on energy efficiency, the internal energy market, and research, innovation and competitiveness.

The report approves a number of key infrastructure projects, including interconnections between the UK and Ireland, and between the UK, France and Belgium. This should allow the UK to achieve its 10% interconnection target for 2020, improving security of supply and increased capacity, reducing the cost to consumers.

The report also praises measures taken by the UK government to tackle fuel poverty, noting that the UK is among the few EU countries with a clear fuel poverty definition and related strategy and programmes to deal with it.

Dr Duncan commented: "The focus on infrastructure investment to create a free market in energy is welcome.

"However there remains a lot more to be done to bring down regulatory barriers if we are to deliver cheap, clean energy to consumers across Europe"

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