Conservatives support European Court's ruling against Mohammed Makhlouf

21-Jan-2015 @ 17:15

Charles Tannock Charles Tannock

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A decision today by European judges confirming restrictive measures against Mohammad Makhlouf – a close associate of Bashar Al-Assad – was welcomed as a justified verdict.

Charles Tannock, Conservative spokesman on foreign affairs in the European Parliament, spoke out after the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg published its decision on a case brought by Mr Makhlouf against the EU Council, appealing against being placed on a list of persons to whom the restrictive measures against Syria apply.

He said: "This is a welcomed decision and one that my group the ECR supports. Mohammad Makhlouf and his immediate family have been long allies of the Assad regime in Syria, securing influential positions in Government and amassing a vast family fortune. Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, Makhlouf has remained close to Assad, continuing to exert influence and advise the President.  It is wholly justified that he should be prevented from entering EU Member States or accessing financial assets frozen within the EU."

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