Conservatives vote to stop taxpayer-funded subsidy for Spanish bullfighting

28-Oct-2015 @ 14:0

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As part of the vote on the EU's budget for 2016, Conservative MEPs have voted in favour of an amendment to end taxpayer subsidies for Spanish bullfighting.

The amendment, which has cross-party support, aims to stop EU funds being released from the Common Agricultural Policy for the controversial blood sport.

British Conservative MEP Jacqueline Foster, the Vice-President of the Parliamentary Intergroup on Animal Welfare commented: "The torture of animals for entertainment purposes is a barbaric practice.

"It is an outrage that this cruel activity has been supported for years by the taxpayers of Europe, something that Conservative MEPs have consistently voted to end."

The North West MEP and Deputy Leader of the Conservative delegation added: "I believe that most rational people across the EU would be shocked to know that their hard-earned money is being used to prop up this outdated activity.

"I hope that with support for this amendment in place we can swiftly move towards ending EU subsidies for this horrific practice that has no place in any civilised society".

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