Conservatives welcome success of online fake goods crackdown

29-Nov-2017 @ 13:00

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Conservatives welcome success of online fake goods crackdown

The success of a crackdown on internet sites selling counterfeit goods proves more EU legislation is not always the answer.

Conservatives Internal Market spokesman Dan Dalton welcomed figures published today by the European Commission on the performance of its voluntary agreements with online platforms such as Amazon.

They show that in May and June 2017 platforms, on their own initiative, took down 97.4 per cent of listings which allegedly infringed a rights owner's intellectual property rights, up from 86.3 per cent in November and December 2016.

Cooperation, not regulation, benefits EU consumers and businesses

Mr Dalton said: "When the European Parliament considered this issue back in June it voted to penalise everybody, especially consumers, by demanding heavy-handed regulation of platforms. That makes it difficult for new companies to enter the market and challenge the US-based giants, which in turn reduces consumer choice.

"We believe in the evidence and these latest figures show cooperation with online marketplaces can deliver results.

"Although more counterfeit items have been found, removal rates have increased too. This means overall that fewer fake watches, sports goods and electrical items are being sold online in the big marketplaces, which is good news for consumers and good news for rights holders.

"Instead of reaching for the regulation button every time, the Parliament should adopt a more innovation-friendly attitude to the benefit of all players in the market."

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