Deva: "The United Nations must do more to help develop Africa to stop mass migration."

19-Jul-2017 @ 14:00

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Deva: "The United Nations must do more to help develop Africa to stop mass migration."

Conservative Development Spokesman, Nirj Deva MEP, is calling for the UN to be inspired by the EU's work in Africa and do more itself to stop mass migration.

Mr Deva made the call at the United Nations in New York on the European Parliament's Development Committee's Delegation to the UN. He was attending the UN's High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

He said: "The UN is chronically failing to make progress towards the millennium development goals in Africa, where a demographic time bomb is ticking. Unless the UN works with the EU to find effective ways to develop the continent's mass migration to Europe will continue."

"Poverty and crisis drive people from Africa towards Europe. An estimated seventy percent of people crossing the Mediterranean are economic migrants. Effective development policies that create wealth and economic growth would provide opportunities for people where they are and reduce mass migration."

"The UN has made extraordinary progress in other places in achieving the millennium development goals. There have been tangible results alleviating poverty over the last 17 years, especially in South and East Asia. These successes should show that development, when implemented effectively, can work to improve the conditions of people."

EU investment to provide clean water and sanitation to millions

In addition to the EU's trade partnership with Africa, the EU will invest €40 billion into the continent over the period 2014-2020. An expected 17.8 million people will gain access to water and 6.3 million to sanitation as a result of this aid. Africa's food security, energy services and infrastructure are being improved through the EU's development policy.

Mr Deva added: "The UN should be inspired by the work the EU has done in Africa. If the UN and the EU work together to share effective policies and reform development practices, then much more can be achieved in Africa."

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