Disappointment as socialists block key debate on situation in steel industry

11-Nov-2015 @ 15:0

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A socialist-led coalition of MEPs has today blocked a request from Conservative MEPs for an emergency debate to be held in the European Parliament this afternoon on the situation in the steel industry.

Conservatives had called for a statement from the Commission and Council to highlight possible measures to ensure that British steel is able to compete on an international footing, following recent closures and job losses.

Ashley Fox MEP, the leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament said: "It is deeply disappointing that a number of MEPs have failed to recognise the urgent nature of the situation facing the steel sector.

"Jobs and livelihoods are being threatened by a large number of global economic events and it is regrettable that we will now not be able to hear from the Commission today about what measures are being taken to overcome this crisis.

"We welcome the leadership shown by UK Business Secretary Sajid Javid in calling for a special meeting of the Competitiveness Council earlier this week.

"The meeting of ministers from across Europe showed strong agreement on the need to take concrete actions, including speeding up investigations into unfair trade and ensuring member states can make best use of State Aid rules."

"Conservative MEPs will continue to be at the forefront of demands to ensure proper enforcement of the laws of the market place, stopping anti-competitive behaviour, and giving our industry the opportunity to compete in the global market".

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