Don't believe scare stories: Gas supplies are safe post Brexit

05-Sep-2019 @ 15:00

Geoffrey Van Orden Geoffrey Van Orden

Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

Don't believe scare stories: Gas supplies are safe post Brexit

The UK's gas supplies will be safe even in the event of a no-deal Brexit, industry figures have indicated.


The reassurance came at a meeting of leading representatives of the gas industry with Geoffrey Van Orden, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs and a member of the European Parliament's Industry Committee.


They met in Brussels to discuss issues concerning the gas industry and the potential impact of Brexit on UK gas supplies, which accounted for 41.9% of UK electricity generated in the first quarter of 2019, ahead of renewables at 35.8% and nuclear 16.0 %

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson emphasised that, even in the event of no deal with the EU, the UK will continue to have steady and reliable access to a variety of gas resources from domestic and foreign partners.

The UK currently provides about 44% of its gas from its own North and Irish Sea fields, some 9% from imported LNG, and the remainder from European pipelines (from Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands).

Mr Van Orden said: “The changeover from coal to gas, and increased use of renewables, have been major drivers of our reduction of CO2 emissions. I have been reassured that our domestic production, use of pipelines from non-EU states, and the inherent flexibility of LNG supply mean that gas supply will be little affected regardless of the nature of Brexit."


"In any case, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Irish Republic all have a vested interest in maintenance of UK gas supply."

“Interruption of gas or electricity supply through a 'no deal' Brexit is just another scare story that can be dismissed.”

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