Duncan: EU Commissioner "overstepped the mark" during fish quota talks

17-Dec-2015 @ 11:30

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Conservative fisheries spokesman in the European Parliament, Dr Ian Duncan MEP, has written an urgent letter to Fisheries Commissioner Karmenu Vella, after the European Commission conducted negotiations on the 'Blue Whiting’ catch without consulting the UK or other member states.

During yesterday's annual fish quota talks, the Commission struck a deal with Norway for 36 percent of the Total Allocated Catch (TAC) for Blue Whiting.

This agreement was then presented to the European Council (Representing Member States) as a ‘done deal'. During negotiations, the Commission and Council are obliged to negotiate together on who can catch which fish and where.

Dr Duncan said:

"The Commission behaviour on the blue whiting issue is unacceptable. The UK and other states which fish blue whiting must not only be consulted during the negotiation, their views must be heeded. We now have an agreement based upon two differing sets of catch figures, one drafted by the EU and the other by Norway. This is a recipe for disaster.

"The figures presented by the Commission are completely skewed and are nigh on incomprehensible. They have clearly overstepped the mark.

"I need an urgent explanation of the Commission’s behaviour and a cast iron guarantee that they will not behave in such an unacceptable manner in the future."

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