EU acts on fire safety in wake of the Grenfell disaster

13-Sep-2017 @ 19:00

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EU acts on fire safety in wake of the Grenfell disaster

A system for pooling information on fire safety and sharing best practice is being established by the European Commission in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The initiative, announced during a special debate in the European Parliament on fire safety, has been welcomed by Conservative MEPs. However, they called for it to also operate beyond the EU.

London MEP Syed Kamall said: "I welcome this timely move but have asked the commissioner to consider extending it globally.

"There is a need to share experience and expertise wherever it is found, whether in the EU, the United States or in the UK. This is a global issue.

"Following the tragedy of Grenfell, whichever city or country you are from we must ensure that, at best, such a fire does not occur again and, at worst, emergency services are able to put out the fires and evacuate residents safely.

"We owe this to our citizens and the emergency services that keep us all safe."

His Conservative colleague Emma McClarkin MEP has been calling on the European Union to place a greater focus on fire safety for many years.

She said: "I trust the issue will now become a priority. It is the responsibility of members states to ensure fire safety regulations and standards are applied by industry and enforced by public authorities. Prevention must be the priority and that can only happen through the rigorous enforcement of existing rules and the maintenance of buildings.

"I hope the commission and member states work with industry and the necessary organisations to ensure the Grenfell tragedy is the last."

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