EU-Japan deal could restore EU's credibility as a trading partner

21-Mar-2017 @ 16:00

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EU-Japan deal could restore EU's credibility as a trading partner

Today's commitment between the EU and Japan to reach a speedy conclusion to trade talks is a positive step in the EU restoring its credibility following the delays in the EU-Canada trade deal.

The commitment was made by all parties when the Commission President Jean Claude Juncker and Council President Donald Tusk met Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, today in Brussels. As negotiations enter their fourth year, both expressed hopes to conclude talks by the end 2017. 

European Conservative and Reformist Chairman, Syed Kamall MEP, who is following the agreement as shadow rapporteur, said: “I welcome the today's commitment from both parties to speed up these talks.

“On the EU side, the world watched as the EU-Canada agreement was thrown into doubt at the eleventh hour. This is the EU’s opportunity to demonstrate once more that it is a capable trade partner, open to the world, and able to ratify ambitious, encompassing deals.

"On the Japanese side, now is the time for them to demonstrate a real commitment to a partnership with the EU and a willingness to engage fully over the negotiating table.
"Today’s events are a good start, but let’s get this agreement signed and bolster both Japan and the EU’s reputation.”

Together the EU and Japan’s economies account for more than a third of the world’s GDP. As a highly developed economy and a major global trading nation and investor, Japan is an important partner for the EU.

Dr Kamall MEP, Conservative MEP for London, added: “As a major investor in EU countries and consumer of our goods and services, it is vital that the EU signs a free trade agreement with Japan. Completing this agreement will mean more jobs, lower prices and economic growth. I welcome this commitment, but from both sides, we don’t need more words - what we need now is get on, finish the negotiations and sign the agreement.”





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