EU must encourage digital innovation, say Conservative MEPs

16-Jun-2017 @ 12:00

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EU must encourage digital innovation, say Conservative MEPs

Supporting the growth of online platforms in Europe is the aim of proposals published today by Conservative MEPs.

They back the idea that platforms cannot be held responsible for every piece of content posted while acknowledging the need for step-by-step improvements to the current regulations.

Measures to make it easier for platforms to operate across borders are called for, as are protections for small businesses using online platforms.

Motion by European Conservatives contrasts with "overly protectionist" approach from European Parliament

The Motion, drawn up by the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, contrasts with a non-legislative report approved by the European Parliament today which seeks to impose more regulation on the sector.

Conservative Internal Market spokesman Dan Dalton described the report as "overly protectionist".

"It bemoans the fact that Europe has not produced any global players yet calls for far greater regulation of European platforms – it is complicated and contradictory.

"Platforms engineered and launched in Europe are globally successful – just ask Spotify or Skyscanner – but we won't breed success by throwing up walls to block US or Asian competitors.

"We need to simplify rules across and avoid discriminatory measures so that scaling up in Europe and accessing our 500 million consumers is as easy as it is to access the 320 million in the US.

"Our Motion aims to create conditions that are pro-innovation and underlines the point that analogue-era legislation cannot be copied wholesale and applied to the digital world."


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